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Idioms with Sheep - Lamb - Mutton

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The idiom:like lambs to the slaughter:used to describe people who are goingto do sth dangerous without realizing it.

Sample sentence:Poor boy didn't know what would happen.He jumped to the river like lambs to the slaughter after his brother and they were both dead.

Turkish equivalence:kurbanlık koyun gibi


The idiom:Mutton dressed as lamb:used to describe a woman who is trying to look younger than she really is, especially by wearing clothes that are designed for young people.

Sample sentence:New principal looks like a mutton dressed as lamb with her fashionable skirt despite her age.

Turkish equivalence:aşık atmak


The idiom:as gentle as a  lamb:very gentle

Sample sentence:She is always complaining about her husband's behaviours , but I disagree with her, because her husband is as gentle as a lamb.

Turkish equivalence:


The idiom:as innoncent as a lamb:having no guilty, naive.

Sample sentence:In novel''crime and punishment'' you can name the main character Raskolnikov as guilty, but in my opinion he is as innoncent as lamb in the society he lives.

Turkish equivalence:


The idiom:as meek as a lamb:used to describe people quiet,docile, meek.

Sample sentence:My poor daughter...Time has really changed you.Now you are as meek as a lamb, but once you were so rebellious.

Turkish eqivalence:kuzu gibi uysal


The idiom:the black sheep of the family:the worst or the most unpopular member of a family.

Sample sentence:Everyone considers him as the black sheep of the family, but I really enjoys his jokes despite the fact that everyone considers him as naughty.

Turkish eqivalence:şamaroğlan


The idiom:in two shakes of lam's tail:doing sth very quickly

Samle sentence:he really suprised his mother;he did all the chores in two shakes of lamb's tail so that he could go out.Normally to do those chores takes his hours.

Turkish eqivalence:kaşla göz arasında



The Idiom:seperate the sheep from goat:to divide people into two group.

Sample Sentence:This exam is well prepared enough to separate the sheep from goats.Thus we will continue with hardworking students to study for the competition.

Turkish Equivalence:


The Idiom:as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb:sth that you say when you are going to be punished for sth so you decide to do sth worse because your punishment will not be anymore severe.

Sample Sentence:He decided to do everything what he wanted.He might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

Turkish equivalence:battı balık yan gider.


The Idiom:make sheep's eyes at someone:to look at someone in a way that shows that you love  him/her or are attracted to him/her.(it also has slang meaning to look someone disturbingly)

Sample sentence:He made sheep's eyes at his wife,but there was no use,she never forgave her.

Turkish equivalence:


The Idiom:a wolf in sheep's clothing:someone who seems to be friendly but is infact dangereous and evil.

Sample sentence:Nobody believed her, but she was right.New boss was like a wolf in sheep's clothing .Everyone noticed this reality at the end.

Turkish equivalencekuzu postuna bürünmek


The Idiom:cast sheep's eyes at:If you cast sheep's eyes at someone you look lovingly or with longingly at them(it also slang meaning to loook someone disturbingly)

Sample sentence:Old woman was casting sheep's eye at her son after so many years.

Turkish equivalence:


The Idiom:like a lamb:to do sth calmly and without complaining or to be forced to do sth and to do this thing calmly

Sample sentence:Little boy was so afraid of his father that he was doing everything he said like a lamb.

Turkish equivalence:paşa paşa


The Idiom:to count sheep: to imagine sheep jumping over a fence.

Sample sentence:It was one of the painful nights after her mother's leaving; little girl wasn't able to sleep despite her aunt's advice to count sheep.

Turkish equivalence:


The Idiom:to set wolf to keep the sheep

Sample sentence:He set the wolf to keep the sheep by giving vast authority to his assistant during his absence on account of a bussiness trip.

Turkish equivalence:kurda kuzu emanet etmek


The Idiom:sheep of the Prison:a cant term in the French Revolution for a spy under the jailers.

Sample sentence:If they hadn't understood he was the sheep of the prison he would have made all their plans public.

Turkish eqivalence:köstebek


The Idiom:sacrificial lamb:used to describe a person most unpopular member of a group

Sample sentence:In any event everybody used to blame him;he was like a sacrificial lamb in his family.

Turkish equivalence:şamaroğlan


The Idiom:lamb turning to mutton:this is the idiom used to describe a person who is old and is thought to behave as a mature.

Sample sentence:I don't really understand Jack.Although he is like a lamb turning to mutton and has lots of grandchildren he is wearing trousers designed for young boys.

Turkish equivalence:yaşını başını almış


The Idiom:sheep's eyes: it is a cant term meaning look at someone disturbingly and for a long time.

Sample sentence:she was very nervous while sitting in that cafe.She had never been a cafe like this.Whenever she looked somewhere she encountered someone making sheep's eyes at her.

Turkish equivalence:kesmek(a cant term in Turkish language)


The Idiom:to get someone's goat:to annoy someone.

Sample sentence:It really gets my goat to see him getting ahead of me.

Turkish equivalence:cinlerini tepesine çıkarmak


The Idiom:black sheep effect: refers to the tendency of an in group to treat or evaluate a member of its own more harshly than a similarly negative behavior or deed of an out group member.

Sample sentence:He is the black sheep of the class.Infact he hasn't much more negative behaviour than the others.This is described as black sheep effect scientifically.

Turkish equivalence:


The Idiom:scape goat:a person who is punished for things that are not his/her fault.

Sample sentence:when Aylin was sacked she felt she had been made a scape goat for all thr company's problems.

Turkish equivalencegünah keçisi


The Idiom:sheepish:shy, meek, having the characteristic of sheep. 

Sample sentenceWhen you first see him you could think he is a bit sheepish, but after a while you will change your mind because he is a really outgoing person.

Turkish equivalence:


The idiom:to get a sheepskin:getting a degree or diploma.

Sample sentence:Her mother said:''when you get a sheepskin you can do whatever you want, but you are a student and you must do what I say''

Turkish equivalence:ekmeğini eline almak


The Idiom:to leave wolves in charge of the sheep:it has same meaning such proverbs as ''he that is afraid of leaves must not go in wood,who makes himself a sheep will be eaten by the wolves''.that means we shouln't complain when we make mistakes delibaretely.

Semple sentence:you should't leave wolves in charge of sheep now, because you gave the all money that boy on your own.I think you knew he would steal it

Turkish equivalence:kuzudan kurdu sorumlu tutmak


The Idiom:sheep's heads: jemmies for wenching door open

Sample sentencefrom the information we get the thieves broke into old woman's house by using sheep's head.

Turkish equivalence:maymuncuk


The Idiom:scabby sheep:it has the same meaning with the idiom 'black sheep'. that is, the unpopular member of a group.

Sample sentence:who is the scabby sheep of the family?

Turkish eqivalence:günah keçisi










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