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cost somebody an arm and leg: cost somebody a lot of money

*The course books costed me an arm and leg.

  çok pahalıya mal olmak


charge an arm and leg: make somebody pay a lot of money

*The policeman charged an arm and leg for the violation.


fold somebody in one's arms: hold somebody closely by putting one's arms around him

*He folded his sister, who he had thought to be lost, in his arms.


give one's right arm: be prepared to do a big sacrifice for somebody or something

*I would give my right arm to be at home now.

 ...için canımı verirdim/ neler vermezdim


keep someone at arm's lenght : keep someone at a distance

*They are keeping the idea of having a baby at arm's lenght. 

 uzak durmak; sıcak bakmamak 


twist somebody's arm: convince somebody to do something they do not want to do

*If they are not eager to do it, you have to twist their arm.

 zorlamak; mecbur etmek


Accept/ welcome/ receive with open arms: with happiness and enthusiasm

*He was accepted to the position with open arms.

  memnuniyetle; candan ; seve seve


arm in arm: with arms linked together or interwined.

*The couple walked along arm in arm. 

 kol kola


as long as your arm: vey long

*They fight with sticks as long as your arm.

 kol kadar (uzun)


be armed to teeth: possess many weapons

*I saw some soldiers armed to teeth.



be up in arms: be very angry

*Students are up in arms about the difficulty of  the assignment.

öfkeli; ayaklanmış; ateş püsküren


rise in arms: coup with weapons

*The unemployed youngsters has risen up in arms.



chance your arm: take a risk to get something

*I will chance my arm to find a better job.

 riske girmek


do something with one arm tied behind one' back: do something easily, without having a problem

*I can cook this food with my one arm tied behind my back.

gözü kapalı yapmak  


a list as long as your arm: very long; many

*I have got a list as long as your arm of jobs to do.

bir sürü


the long arm of the law: the ability of the police and courts to make people obey rules

*You can't escape from the long arm of the law.



put the arm on somebody: force someone to do something

*The landowner put the arm on them to pay for rent.

 zorlamak; şart koşmak


a shot in the arm: if something gives you a shot in the arm, It gives you encourage and energy

*The high mark he got from the exam has been a shot in the arm to study harder.

 teşvik; cesaret


bear arms:  do the military service; carry weapons

*You don't have a right to bear arms, if you are not a soldier.

askerlik yapmak; silahlanmak; silah taşımak


get your arms around something: to feel confident that you have a good understanding of something that is complicated

*It is really difficult to get your arms around this subject matter.

 anlamak; kavramak; (konuya) hakim olmak


take up arms: start to fight with weapons

*The two country took up arms against each other, when they didn't come to an agreement.

 savaş açmak


a strong-arm tactic/method: a method or a type of behaviour involving using force and threating to make people do what you demand

*The police used strong-arm methods to break up the protest.

 kaba kuvvet


on the arm: free of charge

*Students of that university can eat lunch on the arm at this restaurant.

 ücretsiz; bedava; beleş


under arms: ready for battle, trained and equipped

*Although they had fewer people under arms, they were the victorious side.

 silah altında; silahlı


in the arms of Morpheus: asleep

*When I came home, children were already in the arms of Morpheus.

 uykuya dalmış


in arms: extremely young, unable to walk independently, requiring to be carried

*When my father died, I was a baby in arms.

 anne kucağında (bir bebek)


arms: a military service or mlitary career

*Every man is called to arms at the age of twenty.

 askerlik; askerlik hizmeti; vatani görev


armed and dangerous: said of a man who is suspected of a crime, has been captured before and is likely to resist arrest.

*Who killed the doctor is likely to be armed and dangerous.


as busy as a one-armed paperhanger: very busy

*Our teachers like to keep us as busy as a one-armed paperhanger.

yoğun; başını kaşıyacak vakti olmayan


a babe/infant in arms: a person who has little experience in a business matter or public life

*She is babe in arms, when the matter is nursery.

 acemi çaylak


someone's right arm: someone's closest companion or most trusted helper.

*The boss's right arm is his secretary.

 sağ kolu


throw up one's arm: give up in a fight or a competition

*When he noticed that he wouldn't be able to come first, he threw up his arms.

 pes etmek


lay down one's arms: stop fighting, surrender

*The exhausted soldiers laid down thir arms.

 ateşi kesmek; teslim olmak


brother/companion/comrade in arms: someone who you fight together in a war

*He sacrificed his life to save his brother in arms.

silah arkadaşı


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