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                                       IDIOMS WITH BRAIN

  1)  The Idiom: be all brawn and no brains

        Meaning: to be physically strong but not very intelligent  

 Sample Sentence: I don’t know the boys around Malfoy but they are all brawn and no brains.

 Turkish Equivalence: - bir sürü kas ama hiç beyin yok (There is not an idiom in Turkish corresponding to “be all brawn and no brains.’’)


  2)  The Idiom: be brain dead

       Meaning: if someone is a brain dead, his or her mind is not working  effectively because he is very tired or very bored. 

       Sample Sentence: Because i have been working for a week, I’m completely brain dead.

       Turkish Equivalence: Beyni sulanmak, kafası almamak, kafası kazan gibi olmak


 3)   The Idiom: brain dead (humorous)

       Meaning: very stupid and boring; not thinking in an intelligent way

       Sample Sentence: How can we have a conversation such a brain dead boy?

       Turkish Equivalence: kafasız , beyinsiz


 4)  The Idiom: be out of one’s brain


       Meaning: to be very drunk 

       Sample sentence: After he had drunk the entire bottle, he was out of his brain.

      Turkish Equivalence: kafayı bulmak


  5)  The Idiom: be the brains behind something

        Meaning: to be the person who plans and organizes something, especially something successful.

       Sample sentence: Who are the brains behind this successful documentary?

       Turkish Equivalence: bir şeyin arkasındaki beyinler olmak,      


  6) The Idiom: beat your brains out 

      Meaning:  to spend a lot of time worrying about a problem and thinking about how to deal with it.

      Sample Sentence: I have been eating my brains out studying Italian and trying to memorize all the words. (often + doing something)

      Turkish Equivalence: kafa yormak, kafa patlatmak


  7) The Idiom: blow someone’s brains out

       Meaning: to kill someone by shooting them in the head

       Sample Sentence: When we entered the room, she had blown her brains out.      

       Turkish Equivalence: Kafasına sıkmak, kafasını uçurmak


   8) The Idiom: a brain box

        Meaning:  a very intelligent person

        Sample Sentence: I am sure that brain box knows the answer.

        Turkish Equivalence: akıl küpü, akıl kumkuması


    9) The Idiom: a brain drain

      Meaning:   the movement of people with education and skills from their own country   to another country  where   they   are paid more for their work.

      Sample Sentence: The brain drain from Turkiye to other countries is increasing day by         day.

        Turkish Equivalence: beyin göçü                                                         


    10) The Idiom: a brain trust

           Meaning: a group of people with special knowledge or skills who give advice to someone in a position of                   authority.  

           Sample Sentence: All the public joined minister’s brain trust.

           Turkish Equivalence: akıl vermek, akıl hocalığı yapmak       


    11) The Idiom: get your brain in gear

           Meaning:   to make yourself start thinking clearly and effectively.

           Sample Sentence: You must get your brain in gear for this important exam.

           Turkish Equivalence: aklını vermek


    12) The Idiom: have something on the brain

           Meaning: not be able to stop thinking or talking about one particular thing.

  Sample Sentence: While you have money on the brain, we can not talk about anything else.

           Turkish Equivalence: aklına takmak  


    13) The Idiom: have shit for brains

           Meaning:   to be very stupid

           Sample Sentence: Your behaviours demonstrate that you have shit for brains.

           Turkish Equivalence: kafadan noksan olmak, tahtası eksik olmak


     14) The Idiom: pick someone’s brains

            Meaning:    to ask for information or advice from someone who knows more about a subject than you do.

            Sample Sentence: You can pick Harry’s brains about magic and black arts.

  Turkish Equivalence: akıl danışmak


     15) The Idiom: rack your brain/ brains

  Meaning:  – to think very hard, usually in order to remember something or to find a solution to problem

            Sample Sentence: Even if you rack your brain, you can not remember her name.

            Turkish Equivalence: kafa yormak, kafa patlatmak 


      16) The Idiom: Your brains out

            Meaning:   as much as possible

            Sample Sentence: They should be here their brains out otherwise we will be late.

            Turkish Equivalence: -


      17) The Idiom: be pea-brained

            Meaning:   to be very stupid (always before noun)          

     Sample Sentence: She can’t answer your question because she is a pea-brained   embecile.

            Turkish Equivalence: aklı kıt olmak, kafasız olmak


      18) The Idiom: to brain someone

            Meaning: to hit someone hard on the head 

            Sample Sentence: Your mother will brain you if you don’t tidy your room.

            Turkish Equivalence: kafasını kırmak


      19) The Idiom: to brain storm

            Meaning:   to think of ideas together

            Sample Sentence: They accept to brain storm the idea of persuading their parents.

            Turkish Equivalence: beyin fırtınası yapmak


      20) The Idiom: be brain is fried

            Meaning: to be very tired of brain or to be ruined by drug abuse

            Sample Sentence: After Italian midterm, my brain was fried because os studying hard.

            Turkish Equivalence: beyni bulanmak


     21) The Idiom: to wrap someone’s brain around something

           Meaning:  to concantrate on something so as to understand it.

              Sample Sentence: I wrapped my brain around this reflection journal so please, don’t disturb me.

           Turkish Equivalence: aklını vermek


     22) The Idiom: have a brain like a sieve

            Meaning:   to have a very bad memory and forget things easily

  Sample Sentence: Please don’t forget to call me because you have a brain like a sieve these days.

            Turkish Equivalence: balık hafızalı olmak


     23) The Idiom: be a no brainer

  Meaning:   to think little or no to give a decision or make a choice because the best option is so obvious.

            Sample Sentence: I thought a little but it isn’t necessary because it was a no brainer to   decide.

           Turkish Equivalence: -


     24) The Idiom: have a brain wave

            Meaning:  to have a sudden, clever idea

            Sample Sentence: I couldn’t answer it at first but then I had a brain wave.

            Turkish Equivalence: aklında ampul yanmak


      25) The Idiom: to be a scatter brained

             Meaning: to forget things easily or not to think seriously about things

             Sample Sentence: What a scatter brained you are! You are always forgeting something at home.

             Turkish Equivalence: aklı dağınık olmak


      26) The Idiom: to cudgel one’s brain

             Meaning:   to preoccupy or fill somebody’s mind

             Sample Sentence: Her economic situation always cudgels my brain.

             Turkish Equivalence: zihnini meşgul etmek, aklına takılmak


      27) The Idiom: to have a maggot in one’s brain     

             Meaning:  to behave in inconsistent, unbalanced, immoderate and insane ways

             Sample Sentence: Let him go! Do you have a maggot in your brain?

             Turkish Equivalence: aklından zoru olmak


      28) The Idiom: to sharpen one’s brain

            Meaning:  to be watchful and alert

            Sample Sentence: Sharpen your brain and buy it before him.

            Turkish Equivalence: gözünü açmak


     29) The Idiom: to turn someone’s brain

  Meaning: to get angry

  Sample Sentence: Don’t turn my brain asking such nonsense questions.

           Turkish Equivalence: kafsının tasını attırmak


     30) The Idiom: be a addle brained

            Meaning: to be stupid 

            Sample Sentence: I haven’t seen such a addle brained person.

            Turkish Equivalence: kafasız olmak, anlayışı kıt olmak, beyinsiz olmak


     31) The Idiom: to be imprinted on one’s brain/brains

            Meaning:   to fix an event or experience so firmly in the memory that it can not be forgatten although you do not try to remember it

            Sample Sentence: That look of grief on the face of Harry is imprinted on my brain.

            Turkish Equivalence: beyinlere kazınmak


      32) The Idiom: to do brain blooming

     Meaning:   to suggest a lot of ideas for a future activity very quickly before considering some of them more carefully

            Sample Sentence: We need to some brain blooming before we prepare a detailed plan.

            Turkish Equivalence: beyin fırtınası yapmak


     33) The Idiom: to be a feather brained 

           Meaning:  to be stupid, foolish

    Sample Sentence: You think that he is a feather brained but actually more intelligent than   all of you.

           Turkish Equivalence: kafasız olmak, kuş beyinli olmak


     34) The Idiom: to get something on the brain   

    Meaning:   to talk about the same topic always and to make it a current issue in every    opportunity

           Sample Sentence: You get it on the brain of you. Please, lets not talk about it.

           Turkish Equivalence: parmağına dolamak


    35) The Idiom: brain-teaser 

          Meaning:   a problem which is difficult but fun to solve

          Sample Sentence:  There two brain-teasers in today’s newspaper.

          Turkish Equivalence: zeka oyunları, bulmacalar


    36)  The Idiom: brainchild

           Meaning:   a clever and original idea, plan or invention

           Sample Sentence: This project is one of the our promising teachers’ brainchild. 

           Turkish Equivalence: parlak fikir


    37) The Idiom: brain labour

           Meaning:   to think hard, to make effort mentally

           Sample sentence: Solving these problems requires such a lot of brain labour.

           Turkish Equivalence: beyin gücü


     38) The Idiom: brainwash

    Meaning:   to make someone believe something by continually telling them that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching them

           Sample Sentence: Some people are trying to brainwash the people around them in respect for their religious beliefs.

          Turkish Equivalence: beyin yıkamak


    39) The Idiom: brain traffic

           Meaning: - thoughts and information moving through the brain 

           Sample Sentence: I wish I could turn off my mind when my brain traffic is too heavy.

           Turkish Equivalence: beyin trafiği, aklı meşgul, yoğun olmak


     40) The Idiom: Brain surgery       

             Meaning:  If something is not brain surgery, it isn't very complicated or difficult to understand or master.


             Sample Sentence: It is not a brain surgery. Please come and do it.

           Turkish Equivalence: beyin ameliyatı


    41) The Idiom: brain knife

          Meaning: One piece stainless steel knife with brushed handle and polished blade.  

          Sample Sentence: Don’t forget to bring your brain knife, please.

          Turkish Equivalence: keskin bıçak


    42) The Idiom: to be a brainac

          Meaning:   to be very intelligent and brilliant person, to be a genius (slang).

          Sample Sentence: Everybody knows that you are a brainac.

          Turkish Equivalence: aklı bol olmak


   43) The Idiom: a bird brain

         Meaning:   a stupid person

         Sample Sentence: She is a bird brain because she can’t understand anything we say.

         Turkish Equivalence: kuş beyinli olmak, kafadan kontak olmak


   44) The Idiom: brainy  

         Meaning:   very intelligent (old-fashioned, informal)

         Sample Sentence: I can not expect such a brainy behaviour from a stupid like you. 

         Turkish Equivalence: akıllıca, zekice


    45) The Idiom: brain power

          Meaning:  the ability to think, intelligence

          Sample Sentence: We need some brain power to get out of here.

          Turkish Equivalence: beyin gücü


   46) The Idiom: to use one’s brains

          Meaning:   to think over carefully and then to take an action

          Sample Sentence: Before starting to look for it, we should use our brains.

          Turkish Equivalence: aklını kullanmak





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