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...Idioms with Brown...

1)Do brown: To swindle or cheat thoroughly

Sample Sentence: He is accused of doing brown on the bid last week.

Turkish Equivalence: Oyun etmek


2)Do sth up brown: a) To make a through job of carry out the last detail ; to give a thorough beating ;

b)To do smt just right (cooking for example)

c)to cheat throughly (slang)

Sample Sentence: My mom does meat balls up brown. 

Turkish Equivalance: a)İnce eliyip sık dokumak , b)ayarını tutturmak 


3)Be as brown as a berry:If someone is as brown as berry their skin has become much darker because of the sun.

Sample Sentence: Hüdaverdi was as brown as a berry after he came from summer holiday

Turkish Equivalance: Nar gibi kızarmak


4)Brown Bagging:Taking your own food , ussualy in a brown paper bag , to eat in the middle of the day when you are not at home. 

Sample Sentence:Spring is comming , we will start brown bagging for our lunches in the park soon.

Turkish Equivalance: ----


5)To get brownie points: To get praise or approval for something you have done.

Sample Sentence: I hope the midtearm project , which I'm studying hard for it , will make me get brownie points.

Turkish Equivalance: Malı götürmek


6)Brown-nosing: Try too hard to please someone , especially someone in a pont of authority , in a way that other people find umpleasent.

Sample Sentence:Everybody in the class hates seeing her brown-nosing towards teacher.

Turkish Equivalance: Dalkavukluk etmek


7)To be in a brown study: Deep meditation , absend mindedness.

Sample Sentence:I dont want to be interrupted during a brown study.

Turkish Equivalance:Transa geçmek


8)Browned off: fed up, world-weary, sick and tired of, had enough, disgusted with. If you say that you are browned off, you mean that you are annoyed and depressed. = fed up

Sample Sentence: Sorry, I'm just thoroughly browned off

Turkish Equivalance: Çileden çıkarmak


9)Brown bottling: to be drunk on beer

Sample Sentence: Dont let Jeina drink too much beer , she brown bottles easily.

Turkish Equivalance: ----


10)Brown out: A rear but not complete loss of consciousness

Sample Sentence: I cant forget the moment that they did me that joke . I browned out suddenly. Luckly I collected myself easily.

Turkish Equivalance: Bilincini kaybetmek 


11)Brown tongue: Licking an authorithy's back to get some profit. A metaphor of being adulatory ( in a very very much unpleasent way)

Sample Sentence: Nomatter the situation im in , i never have brown tounge.

Turkish Equivalance: Arkasını yalamak


12)Brown talk: Very proper conversation

Sample Sentence: I trust our production's quality , quantity and aesthetic. All we need is a brown talk for the advirtisement.

Turkish Equivalance:Yerinde konuşmak


13)Brown out: Partial loss of electricity

Sample Sentence: The only street , where electricity browns out frequintly , is ours in this hood.

Turkish Equivalance: ----




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