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The Idiom                :   be duck soup (American, informal),to be very easy to do

Sample Sentence    :   Winning your case in court ought to be duck soup.

Turkish Equivalence:   bebek işi


The Idiom                :   be (like) water off a duck's back, if criticism is water off a duck's back to someone, it has no effect on them at allwithout any effect, completely ineffectually, without any influence

Sample Sentence    :  He's always being told he's lazy and incompetent, but it's just water off a duck's back to him.

Turkish Equivalence: 


The Idiom                :   dead duck, something or someone that is not successful or useful

Sample Sentence    :   The project was a dead duck from the start due to a lack of funding

Turkish Equivalence:   boş gezenin boş kalfası


The Idiom                :   ducking and diving (informal),if you spend your time ducking and diving, you are involved in many different activities, especially ones which are not honest

Sample Sentence    :   'What do you do for a living?' 'This and that, ducking and diving.

Turkish Equivalence:    çamura batmak,


The Idiom                :    get your ducks in a row (American, informal),to organize things well

Sample Sentence    :    The government talks about tax changes but they won't fix a date or an amount - they just can't get their ducks in a row

Turkish Equivalence:     işleri yoluna koymak


The Idiom                :     1-a lame duck(mainly American) a person or company that is in trouble and needs help

a lame duck is a person or organization that is in serious difficulties and that needs help in order to survive

Sample Sentence    :     In under two years, it was transformed from a state-owned lame duck into a successful company.

Turkish Equivalence:     köşeye sıkışmak, baltayı taşa vurmak, başı darda kalmak


The Idiom                :    lame-duck (mainly American) ,a lame duck - someone, especially an elected official, who cannot influence events any more, often because their job is going to end soon

Sample Sentence   :     Having lost control of Congress, he was in danger of becoming a lame-duck president.

Turkish Equivalence:    iflas etmek


The Idiom                :    a sitting duck, something or someone that is easy to attack or criticize

Sample Sentence    :    Unarmed policemen walking the streets late at night are sitting ducks.

Turkish Equivalence:     tetikte beklemek, barut fıçısı 


The Idiom                :    take to something like a duck to water,to learn how to do something very quickly and to enjoy doing it. 

Sample Sentence    :   Sue just took to motherhood like a duck to water.He's taken to his new school like a duck to water.

Turkish Equivalence:    leb demeden leblebiyi anlamak


The Idiom                :    duck out (of somewhere),to leave a place quickly and without being noticed

Sample Sentence    :    The press was waiting for us in front of the hospital, so we ducked out a side door into the car.

Turkish Equivalence:     toz olmak, kaybolmak


The Idiom                :     have your ducks in a row, to organize things well

Sample Sentence    :     I thought Mike was extremely smart and always had his ducks in a row.

Turkish Equivalence:     işleri yoluna koymak


The Idiom                :    as a duck takes to water,Very naturally; without effort

Sample Sentence    :   The little boy started to swim just as a duck takes to water

Turkish Equivalence:     tereyağından kıl çeker gibi


The Idiom                :    as easy as duck soup,  very easy, requiring no effort

Sample Sentence    :    Convincing the man to buy the car was as easy as duck soup

Turkish Equivalence:     bebek işi


The Idiom                :     lovely weather for ducks,  rainy wheather

Sample Sentence    :     I commented to the wet letter carrier that it was lovely weather for ducks today.

Turkish Equivalence:     bardaktan boşalırcasına yağmak


The Idiom                :     ugly duckling, an ugly or plain child (who grows up to be pretty)

Sample Sentence    :    The girl was an ugly duckling when she was a child but now she is quite beautiful

Turkish Equivalence:     çirkin ördek yavrusu


The Idiom                :     break duck, If you break your duck, you do something for the first time.

Sample Sentence    :    I will play gumbling breaking my duck

Turkish Equivalence:    


The Idiom                :     duck down, hiding somewhere place out of sight, conceal, cover up; keep secret; conceal oneself    

Sample Sentence    :    Soldier! Duck down or you ll die!!

Turkish Equivalence:     gözden kaybolmak


The Idiom                :     Lord love a duck, An exclamation used when nothing else will fit. Often fitting when one is stunned or dismayed

Sample Sentence    :    Lord love a duck... that alien just gone and blew up our truck

Turkish Equivalence:     işleri yolunda olmamak


The Idiom                :     ducky,(slang) wonderful, very good

Sample Sentence    :     The win is  ducky for Manchester United.

Turkish Equivalence:     paha biçilmez



babylon english dictionaey

chambers dictionary of idioms

Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms © Cambridge University Press 1998

Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms © Cambridge University Press 2003




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