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                                                 IDIOMS WITH FINGER


1) The Idiom: have sticky fingers

*Sample Sentence: I heard about his fame that he has sticky fingers.

*Turkish Equivalence: eli uzun

*English Meaning: This is used for people who often steals things.


2) The Idiom: be all fingers and thumbs

*Sample Sentence: Ohh! Don't touch my project. You are all fingers and thumbs, aren't you?

*Turkish Equivalence: eli ayağına dolaşmak

*English Meaning: When you are all fingers and thumbs, you are clumsy with your hands and continue making mistakes.


3)The Idiom: burn your fingers

*Sample Sentence: When my friend intented to travel round the world with her little money, she burned her fingers ver badly.

*Turkish Equivalence: sütten ağzı yanan yoğurdu üfleyerek içer

*English Meaning: When you burn your fingers, you suffer from  bad results of an action, especially loss of money or bankruptcy. Thus, you are not eager to do tha same thing again.


4)The Idiom: can count something on the fingers of one hand

*Sample Sentence: I can count on my fingers of one hand the number of times my boyfriend has taken me out.

*Turkish Equivalence: eli kıt

*English Meaning: When you can count things on the fingers of one hand, these things occur very rare and you are complaining this rarity.


5)The Idiom: catch someone with their fingers in the till

*Sample Sentence: When Jonh was caught with his fingers in the till, his boss fired him.

*Turkish Equivalence: Suç üstü yakalamak

*English Meaning: It is means catching someone while he or she is stealing something from the place where s/he works.


6)The Idiom: cross your fingers

*Sample Sentence: I am crossing my fingers and giving a promise that your girl friend will come to the party.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: When you cross your fingers, you expect that things will go on the way you want them to.


7)The Idiom: a finger in every pie

*Sample Sentence: We cannot omit her from our group.Because she has a finger in every pie.

*Turkish Equıvalence: on parmağında on marifet var, 2) bu işte de onun parmağı var

*English Meaning: It is used to express that someone is involved in many different activities. It is generally used when people disaporove of these activities.


8)The Idiom: your finger on the pulse (of something)/ keep your fingers on the pulse

*Sample Sentence: They are not in Londra, but they have got their fingers on the pulse of their milk factories.

*Turkish Equivalence: her yerde parmağı olmak

*English Meaning: It is used to express that someone knows of what is happening now in a specific place.


9)The Idiom: fingers crossed

*Sample Sentence: fingers crossed mum, I will do the dishes!

*Turkish Equivalence: Söz vermek

*English Meaning: when you say "fingers crossed", you express that things that you say will happen or be exact.


10)The Idiom: put/get your finger out

*Sample Sentence: Put your finger out, Mike. We have very little time left.

*Turkish Equivalence: elini çabuk tut

*English Meaning: when you say someone to put their finger out, you want that person to become more quick what s/he is struggling with.


11) The Idiom: give someone the finger

*Sample Sentence: When I was angry with our neighbour's child and shouted at him, he gave me the finger and started laughing. 

*Turkish Equivalence: hareket çekmek

*English Meaning: When you give someone the finger, you have made a very awful sign at someone with raising your middle finger towards them.


12) The Idiom: Have a finger in the pie

*Sample Sentence: When It came to divide the Ottoman Empire, England wanted to have a finger in the pie.

*Turkish Equivalence: kendine pay biçmek

*English Meaning: When you have a finger in the pie, you want to join in a special activity.


13) The Idiom: Have a/ your finger on the button

*Sample Sentence: When the new president got the control of Iraq, he had his finger on the button.

*Turkish Equivalence: Eli tetikte olmak

*English Meaning: When you have your finger on the button, It means that the control of the weapons that a country has is in your hands and you decide when to use these weapons.


14) The Idiom: Have green fingers

*Sampl Sentence: My father has green fingers and I want him to teach me how he can do this.

*Turkish Equivalence: Eli maharetli olmak

*English Meaning: When you have green fingers, you can make plants grow healthily and you have the ability to keep plants healthy.


15) The Idiom: Lay a finger on someone/something

*Sample Sentence: I didn't want to hurt him.I just laid a finger him, but he fell down.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: when you lay a finger on someone, you touch or hit someone in order to hurt him/her.


16)The Idiom: let someone slip through your fingers

*Sample Sentence: His boss got angry with Adam when he heard that Adam let the thief slip through his fingers.

*Turkish Equivalence: Birini elinden kaçırmak

*English Meaning: When you let someone slip through your fingers, you let them escape from your hands


17)The Idiom: Let something slip through your fingers

*Sample Sentence: I think Jane will let the biggest opportunity slip her fingers if she regrets this job suggestion.

*Turkish Equivalence: Elindeki fırsatı kaçırmak

*English Meaning: When you let something slip your fingers, you let the opportunity of the achievement go away, you lose your chance to achieve something.


18)The Idiom: Not lift a finger

*Sample Sentence: While we were moving the house, my sister was sitting and she didn't even lift her finger.

*Turkish Equivalence: Parmağını bile kıpırdatmamak

*English Meaning: When you do not lift a finger, you do not help someone because of your laziness.


19)The Idiom: Point the finger at someone

*Sample Sentence: Ohh!Mum, Oğuzhan broke the vase, but he pointed the finger at Ozan.

*Turkish Equivalence: Birine suç atmak

*English Meaning: When you point the finger at someone, you charge them with being responsible of the things that have happened.


20)The Idiom: Put finger on something

*Sample Sentence: I am sure there is something wrong with Linda, but I cannot put finger on what the problem is.

*Turkish Equivalence: önemli bir yere parmak basmak

*English Meaning: When you put on finger something, you find the main reason why a situation is the way it is, especially when something is wrong. 


21)The Idiom: Put the finger on  someone

*Sample Sentence: When your enemy learns that you put the finger on him, you will not be alive.

*Turkish Equivalance: Birini ele vermek

*English Meaning: When you put the finger on someone, you tell someone in authority, especially the police, that someone has commited a crime.


22)The Idiom: Put/stick two fingers up at someone /something

*Sample sentence: The students put two fingers up at their teacher, when their teacher slapped one of the students in the face.

*Turkish Equivalence:-

*English Meaning: When you put/stick two fingers up at someone/something, you express your anger to someone or your disrespect for someone or something.


23)The Idiom: Twist/wrap someone around/round your little finger

*Sample Sentence: Sarah can make him do whatever she wants.Because she has got him wrapped around her little finger.

*Turkish Equivalence: Birini parmağında oynatmak

*English Meaning: If you twist/wrap somone around your little finger, you can make them do what you want, especially because they like you so much.


24)The Idiom: Wear/work fingers to the bone

*Sample Sentence: She is working her fingers to the bone.Because she will sit the Calculus exam tomorrow. 

*Turkish Equivalence: Geceyi gündüze katarak çalışmak

*English Meaning: When you wear your fingers to the bone, you work very hard for a long time.


25)The Idiom: Pull one's finger out

*Sample Sentence: When he understood that he couldn't pass the course, he pulled his finger out.

*Turkish Equivalence: işe girişmek, sıkı çalışmaya başlamak

*English Meaning: When you pull your finger out, you start working harder and harder.


26)The Idiom: Butter fingers

*Sample Sentence: I have butter fingers.Thus, when I intend to do something, I am all fingers and thumbs.

*Turkish Equivalence: sakar

*English Meaning: If someone has butter fingers, they are very clumsy and keep dropping things.


27)The Idiom: Cock a snook

*Sample Sentence: When I asked my brother for  some water, he cocked a snook and went away.

*Turkish Equivalence: Nanik yapmak

*English Meaning: When you cock a snook, you make a rude gesture by putting your one thumb to the nose with the fingers outstretched.



28)The Idiom: Snap  one's finger at

*Sample Sentence: When I warned him not to disturb me again, he snap his finger at my warning and kept making noise.

*Turkish Equivalence: Takmamak,tınmamak

*English Meaning: When you snap your finger at something, you make a gesture of striking your finger against your thumb, thereby making a sharp noise by meaning that you are ignoring and disregarding these things.


29)The Idiom: At one's fingertips

*Sample Sentence: Before Christmas the toys must be at our fingertips.

*Turkish Equivalence: elinin altında,avucunun içinde, hazır

*English Meaning: When you have something at your fingertips, you have them ready in your hands and they are immediately available.


29)The Idiom: (someone's) fingerprints are on (something)

*Sample Sentence: I think my brother's fingerprints are on breaking the window.

*Turkish Equivalence: Bu işte de onun parmağı var

*English Meaning: When your fingerprints are on an action/piece of work, these are typical of you to do.


30)The Idiom: Have one's finger in too many pies

*Sample Sentence: My high school german teacher had her finger in too many pies. Thus, she couldn't care her students and even her family.

*Turkish Equivalence: Her yerde bir parmağı olmak

*English Meaning: When you have your finger in too many pies, you are involved in too many things.Thus, you cannot do any of them well.



31)The Idiom: Hang on by one's fingernails

*Sample Sentence: Last year we hanged on by our fingernails because of the University Entrance exam.

*Turkish Equivalence: Dişiyle tırnağıyla uğraşmak

*English Meaning: When you hang on by your fingernails, you try hard and manage to do something in a very difficult situation.


32)The Idiom: Raise a finger

*Sample Sentence: We couldn't have finished our project if she hadn't raised her finger.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: When you raise your finger, you do something to help someone.


33)The Idiom: Finger-fumbler

*Sample Sentence: My mum doesn't let me help her for housework. Because I am a little bit finger-fumbler.

*Turkish Equivalence: Beceriksizin teki

*English Meaning: It is used for people who are very clumsy.


34)The Idiom: Trigger finger

*Sample Sentence: He pushed his tragger finger and the gun fired.

*Turkish Equivalence: Tetik parmağı

*English Meaning: The tragger finger is the finger that we use while we are shooting someone/something.


35)The Idiom: Fish finger

*Sample Sentence: Are our fish fingers ready?

*Turkish Equivalence:-

*English Meaning: It means well cooked fish.


36)The Idiom: The fickle finger of fate

*Sample Sentence: We couldn't manage to reach our goals. I think it is the fickle finger of fate that we came across some difficulties.

*Turkish Equivalence: kaderin cilvesi

*English Meaning: When you say something is the fickle finger of fate, you mean that fate make you come across hard things that require more effort for you.


37)The Idiom: Finger bowl

*Sample Sentnce: My mum bought a finger bowl when she went shopping yesterday.

*Turkish Equivalence: el yıkama taşı, bulaşık yıkama kabı

*English Meaning: It is the stone that we use for washing our hands and it is alsothe bowl that we wash our dishes.


38)The Idiom: The little finger ( pinky swear )

*Sample Sentence: When I was a child, I gave my little finger to my friend and she has been my friend since that time.

*Turkish Equivalence: Kan kardeşi olmak

*English Meaning: It is used when two people link their little fingers and shake to make a promise.It is often used by children.


39)The Idiom: Finger alphabet

*Sample Sentence: He needs a finger alphabet in order to understand this essay.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: It is used by deaf people and its letters are represented by finger positoin.


40)The Idiom: Take someone's fingerprints

*Sample Sentence: The police took her fingerprints in order to be sure that she didn't kill her husband.

*Turkish Equivalence: parmak izini çıkarmak

*English Meaning: It is used when you make a picture of someone's fingerprints.


41)The Idiom: Finger in the eye

*Sample SEntence: Her arrival in time is finger in the eye.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: It is used when something is not certain.It maybe happen or not.Probably, maybe.


42)The Idiom: Finger lickin' good

*Sample Sentence: The  meal that Ms. Black cooked last night was finger lickin' good.

*Turkish Equivalence: parmaklarını yemek

*English Meaning: It means that something is very good or for food something is very delicious.


43)The Idiom: Pick a finger

*Sample Sentence: When Jack made Ricky angry, Ricky said "pick a finger, awful thing".

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: It means giving the finger without actually doing so.It is a slang word, spoken in street language.


44)The Idiom: To put something on the long finger

*Sample Sentence: When she got sick, She put her meeting on the long finger.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: When you put something on  the long finger, you postpone it indefinitely.It comes from wearing the ring on the long finger.When you wear the ring on the long finger, it means you are engaged.


45)The Idiom: Peel the finger

*Sample Sentence: Peel the finger, George. How could you cheat me with another woman?

*Turkish Equivalence: Yazıklar olsun sana!

*English Meaning: It means "shame on you".


46)The Idiom: Better than a finger in your eye

*Sample Sentence: My salary this year is better than a finger in my eye.

*Turkish Equivalence: -

*English Meaning: It is used when you accept something or agree with something.




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