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1-an old head on young shoulders

-An unexpectedtly mature attitude from a  child ,young person, or thinking like adults who have experiences.

   e.g:  My little brother said to me ‘’ Don’t be so selfish, there are other people around, also.’’ That was an old head on young shoulders.


2- be banging/hitting your head against a brick wall

-Asking  someone to do something in vain. He keeps doing what he knows even if what you say.

   e.g:My mother says me to be clean all time, but she is banging/hitting her head against a brick wall because I keep being  dirty.


- 3-be hanging over you

-Something that cause anxiety and makes you worry about it.

   e.g:That midterm project of Sedat Teacher is hanging  over me even in my dreams.


4-be head over heels (in love)

To be in love with someone especially before you know her completely.

  Jane is head over heels with Johnny , everytime she sees him she feels her heart jumping.


5-be in over your head

  To deal with something that is beyond your capacity and difficult to conclude.

      e.g: That midterm project is in over my head, I can not finish it.


6-be like a bear with a sore head (British & Australian, humorous)

To be in a bad emotional state and because of this breaking other people’s hearts and behaving badly towards them.

  She is like a bear with a sore head. She shouts at everybody for nothing rational.


7-not be right in the head (informal)

to be mentally disturbed.

 Ali isn’t right in the head, yesterday he attempted to burn himself in street.


8-a big-head (British & Australian)

Someone who thinks of himself as superior to others in an activity. He thinks that people should be jealous of him for this.

  Özkan is a big head at basketball. All time he wants us to respect and admire him for this.


9-bite/snap someone's head off (informal)

to answer someone nervously.

  I asked which chapter to study and he bite/snap my head off. He answered very angirily.


10-bring something to a head (başa gelmek)

come to a head – When sth comes to a head, it requires immediate intervention ;otherwise it may bring bad consequences.

    The child’s situation comes to my head. He think he comes from a different planet and that has to be dealed with immediately.


11-build/get/work up a head of steam

.Get enough motivation to do something.

    Selda has built up a head of steam to win the exam. She get the support of everybody

So she is confident to win.

12-bury your head in the sand

 Not thinking about a bad situation. Not dealing with it until it is over.


    The managers bury their head in the sand . They hope the financial crisis will soon be over so that they don’t have to deal with it.


13-can't make head nor/or tail of something

   Understand nothing of something,

      I can not make head nor tail of why we write all of the idioms.

14- go to someone's head

1.if an alcoholic drink goes to someone's head, it makes them feel drunk very quickly.

      2. if success goes to someone's head, it makes them believe they are more significant than they are.

     e.g: That glass of wine went over my head. I feel very dizzy.


            The success of being nominated to the Nobel Prize goes to his head. He thinks he has saved the world.



15-something comes into your head

   To began to remember something.

   When I see the flying birds, freedom comes into my head.


16-a cool head

Not losing your conscious and temper in difficult situations, staying calm.


 At the moment of earthquake, she was a cool head and immediately get her children out of house. If she made panic, they would die there.


17-could do something standing on your head (informal)  

  Doing something without much difficulty because you have the experience of that thing many times.

    She can teach the disabled children standing on her head. She has been doing that job for 10 years.


18-do someone's head in (British & Australian, informal)

to confuse someone head, making things comlicated.

  She did Osman’s head in with her words ‘’I may or may not love anybody’’


19-someone's eyes are out on stalks (informal, informal)

Looking someone or something in such a way that it is obvious they are surprised or attracted by it.

 When Johnny Deep was walking in the suburbs of America, people’s eyes were out on stalks. They couln’t believe their eyes.


20-your eyes pop out of your head

to show amazement. To be surprised.

When I saw TAN, my eyes pop out of my head. I didn’t expect to see him.


21-fall head over heels (in love)

be head over heels (in love) - to be in love with someone very much.

 He fell head over heels in love with Ayşe as soon as he saw her.


22-get your head around something (informal)

to get to something,understand,catch on

 Melike got her head around conversation to understand what is going on.


23-get your head down (British & Australian)

 To study a lot on reading and writing.

We get our head down in Sedat Teacher’s Advanced Reading,Writing lesson.


24-get it into your head

If something gets into your head, you think of the possibility of its being real.

When he saw the blood , he get the idea of Ahmet’s being murderer into his head.

25-get/put your head down

to take a nap,sleep for a short while.

  When my grandmother get her head down,she always snore.


26-give someone a head start

have a head start - to began with sth a pace before others, to be in a advantageous position against others.

Züleyha have a head start in learning German, because she has lived there and knows the language.


27-give someone a heads up

If you give someone a heads up, you warn her or inform her of something.

 The Sedat Teacher gave us a heads up for not just copying our project works.He warned us (actually threated us ) about grades if we do so.


28-give someone their head

To let someone to do whatever they want, give frredom.

Sinem’s parents didn’t give her their head. She doesn’t have the freedom to go out late.


29-go head to head

to compete with somebody directly.

Etymology: based on the idea that in a fight, the heads of the fighters are very close

   In the long run race, Turkish sporter and African one went head to head.


30-go over someone's head

1.to talk directly to authority or the person in higher position without dealing with second person.

If  Ali keeps his wrong behaviours, I will go over his head and talk to manager.

      2. If it is used in the sense of information, it means you are not able to understand it.

            This math problem goes over my head, I understand nothing of it.

31-go to your head

to make you believe that you are more important than you really are.

That prize went to John’s head. He still thinks he is the best at that field.

32-hang your head (in shame)

to be embrassed, ashamed of oneself.

  When his wife deceived him someone else, he hanged his head in shame.


33-harm a hair on someone's head

To give damage to somebody, hurting them.

 The mother shouted to kidnapper ‘’ If you harm a hair on my child’s head, you will regret it.’’


34-have a good head on your shoulders

to be bright, gifted, clever.

 Einstein had a good head on his shoulders. He is thought to be the most intelligent man of all times.


35-have a head for something

to have a  inclination to do something properly.

  Seda has a head for  solving problems. She should think of becoming a consultant. She has a natural aptitude fort his.


36-have a head start

to have an plus, a profit for you.

  He has a head start for being accepted to basketball team. He is taller and  has played before, so his chance is higher.


37-have eyes in the back of your head (informal)

to be aware of everything that takes place around you

  Melahat has eyes in the back of her head, she knows everything going around.


38-have something hanging over your head

to feel troubled and lose sleep for something you have to do.

She has the issue of money hanging over her head. She is anxious about it.


39-have your head in the clouds

to be not aware of what occurs around because of giving too much importance to your own brainwaves.

  Şule has her head in the clouds, she even didn’t notice that her mother was ill.


40-have your head screwed on (the right way) (informal)

 Not doing foolish things. Behaving rationally.

  Canan has her head screwed on the right way when she proposed new incentives for the  campany trying old fashioned  ways.


41-have your head screwed on right

to have competent reasoning. To have a good assessment.

The teacher had her head screwed on right, when se said the boy had probably pshological problems.


42-have your head (stuck) up your arse (British & Australian, taboo!)  

To waste your time with yourself that you don’t notice other essential things around you.

   Their relationship is going to break up,but he has his head up his arse. He has no worries for   this.


43-head and shoulders above someone/something

much better than other similar people or things

 Zöhre is head and shoulders above other students in learning language.

44- put one's head in the lion's mouth

- to put oneself in a dangerous or difficult condition.

 I put my head  in lion’s mouth when I accepted the responsibility of  chatting in exam.


45-a head of steam

The power  to improve  rapidly

 His business  has a head of steam. They have made a noticeable progress in just two months.


46-head someone/something off

to prevent  the  action  of people or animals by  stepping  in front of them.

   The barrier in the road head the sheeps off. They couldn’t pass the other side of road.


47-head off something

to keep away from  something terrible  by getting something done right  now

 Julia head off cutting her finger narrowly by the sound of her mother. She avoided it by by coming to herself.


48-head off to somewhere

to set out, leave for  somewhere.

  Ahmet head off to Italy for a  job trip. He will set off this afternoon.


49-someone's head on a plate/platter

if you want someone's head on a plate you are very annoyed and frustrated with them and desire a penalty for them.

 The wife of the dead man wanted her husband’s murderer’s head on a plate. She wished he would get punished for what he had done.


49-head over heels (in love)

to be attracted to someone very much. Be completely and helplessly in love.

  Kanuni headed over heels in love with Hürrem. He loved her very much.

Usage notes: often used with fall to describe the beginning of a relationship:

50-(from) head to toe

Totaly,from tip to toe.

  He was scared from head to toe when he heard that strange noise in darkness. He was completely frightened.


51-heads up

  It is used as a warning to be careful and pay attention to environment  because something may strike you.

: Heads up!  Mind your Ps and Qs or the ball may hit you.

52-heads will roll

 To warn employees that they will lose their job if a serious mistake occurs.

  e.g: The boss  says heads  will roll  if  something goes wrong in production.


53- swelled head

- a feeling that one is very important or more important than one really is

Ali  has a swelled head since he is promoted to the head of the departmant.


54-hide your head in the sand

to refuse to think about an unpleasant situation.

Teachers can't just hide their heads in the sand and not try to find out why students aren't doing better.


Usage notes: also used with bury and other verbs:

 All she wanted to do was bury her head in the sand and forget everything

55- turn (something) on its head

- to show that an idea or argument is wrong and means the opposite of what it first seemed to mean, to change the way that people think about a subject

The lawyer was able to easily turn the argument on its head when he proved that the convict wasn’t there at the time of murder.


56-hold a gun to someone's head (kafasına silah dayamak)

to use threats to get what you want.

No one held a gun to her head and made her live with that boy.she made that bad decision all on her own.

Etymology: based on the literal meaning of hold a gun to somebody's head(= to point a gun at a person to show them that you will shoot them dead if they don't do what you want


57-hold your head high

-to show that you are not embrassed of your endeavour.

 Nesrin holds her head high in spite of taking FF for her project. She isn’t ashamed of her efforts to finish it.


58-hold your head up high

to show that you are satisfied or proud of something.

Bush can not hold his head up high because of the all destruction in Iraq.


59- put a gun to someone's head

to use threats to force someone to do what you want

 Sedat Teacher didn’t put a gun to our head to choose that idioms.


60-in over your head

To involve in a situation that is too challanging  for you to deal with

 Making an operation  was in over the young doctor’s head. He had difficulty in saving the patiant’s life.


61-keep a civil tongue in your head (slightly formal)

Warning somebody to be polite especially after doing something disrespectful.

 She had the courage to tell the boss keep a civil  tongue in his head and not to ridicule people’s private life.


62-keep your head

 Not panicking,staying calm, especially in difficult or dangerous situations.

He kept his head after  the accident  and called  an ambulance.


63-keep your head above water

to have just sufficient money to lsurvive or to continue an establishment.

   The sales of the company are falling down dramatically. They keep their head above water. If it goes like that,  they have to give up their business.


64-keep your head down

To keep away from disaggrements and troubles by doing  or speaking as little as possible.

   When I feel there is going to be a dispute between us, I just keep my head down to avoid further problems.


65-knock something on the head (British, informal)

  Finishing something,making it come to an and.

  She decided to knock their relationship on the head. She wwill break up with him.


66-[laugh/scream/shout etc.] your head off

to cry/scream/shout /laugh etc. very much and very noisily.

He screamed his head off as he heard the news of his father’s death.


67-let your heart rule your head

to do something just because you feel like it despite having no sensible explanation.

 Don’t let your heart rule your head. It is obvious he is lying, but you still want to believe him.


68-like a headless chicken (British, American)

 When you do something like headless chicken, you do it carelessly and don’t give it sufficient time.

   She does the cleaning like a headless chicken. I will end her job if she continue her neglectful behaviors.


69-lose your head (kafasının tası atmak)

to become annoyed and furious suddenly.

When I heard her senseless words, I lost my head. I become angry with her.


70-make heads or tails (out) of something

to comprehend  something

 I couldn’t make heads or tails out of that speech. I  didn’t understand anything.


71-need (to have) your head examined

you have done something that will make others think you ridiculous or  odd.

You  need to have your head examined! You must be crazy to pay so much for an old  hause.

Usage notes: usually used as a humorous criticism


72-need your head testing (British, American & Australian, humorous, British, humorous)

if you tell someone they need their head testing, you think that they are crazy because they have done something stupid or strange

She needs her head testing! She eats nothing for days.

73-need something like (you need) a hole in the head (humorous)

if you say you need something like a hole in the head, then, it is not essential for you  and you don’t wish for it

   I have lots of plates in my kitchen. I need a plate like a hole in the head.


74-off the top of your head (informal)

if you say something off the top of your head, you don’t give it much importance and don’t consider about it much. It doesn’t reflect your actual thougts.

  The doctor asked the patient to have an operation off the top of his head. Actually , he wasn’t thinking about risks.

75-on someone's (own) head be it (slightly formal)

   To explain somebody what he/she is doing is ridiculous and the blame and responsibility are on them if anything goes wrong.

    I accept to shift to the new program,but the results are on your head be it. I can not take the risk of being fired.

76-pissed out of your head/mind/skull (very informal!)

 Being under the influence of alcohol beverage.

 He pissed out of his head. He was very drunk and saying irrationale things.


77-put your head/neck on the block

 To take the risk of carrying out something that may cost you to lose other people’s high regard for you if it not succeed.

 Aslı put her head on the block when she took on that debt. If she couldn’t pay it, everybody will lose their good thoughts about her.


78-put their heads together  (kafa kafaya vermek)

To cooperate in finding a solution to a problem, exchanging of opinions with others.

 The students put their heads together to find a way to chat in exam.


79-put ideas into someone's head (eşeğin kafasına zorla karpuz kabuğu sokmak)

to cause  someone  wish for doing  something they had not considered  doing before, especially something silly.

 The depressing tone of Müslüm Gürses’s songs put the idea of jumping down from brigde into his head.


80-put/stick your head above the parapet

To have the enough courage  to utter  a  belief or  judgment that might disturb people.

  Galileo put his head above the parapet when he expressed his idea of universe’s being round.


81-raise/rear its (ugly) head

if something  bad raises its ugly head, it turn out to be a trouble that people have to cope with.

The problem of economic crisis raised its ugly head. People have to deal with it immediately.


82-rear its (ugly) head

to become a problem that has to be dealt with

The unemployment rears its ugly head in a worldwide scale.


83-a roof over your head (başını sokacak bir çatı)

 A place to reside.

Many people have no roof over their heads while many are bored of buying hauses.

84-a (sudden) rush of blood (to the head)

if you have a rush of blood to the head, you all of a suddenly feel very excited or very furious, and do or say something ridicolous.

 When he heard of the news of his son’s crashing the car, there was a sudden rush of blood to his head  and he swore to his son.


85-scratch your head (donup kalmak)

To be perplexed and not able to give answer or understand something.

 The mother scratched her head when her son asked ‘’ Mum, where do I come from?’’


86-shake your head

To express   diffrence of opinion or not accept something by moving your head from one side to other.

 We asked for a few more days to finish our project, but the teacher shook his head and said ‘’No’’


87-soft in the head (informal) (kafadan kontak)

 Being foolish or crazy

He must be soft in the head. He is swimming in this snowy weather.


88-stand/turn something on its head

to make an conception or belief contrary to what it was previously.

Dan Brown’s book turns the notion of Cesus’s having an offspring on its head. This idea is against what was believed in Christian and Islamic  world.


89-a sword of Damocles hangs over someone's head (literary, literary)

To be in a condition which is likely to have a unpleasant or terrible ending very soon.

Kugelmass had a sword of Damocles over his head when he wanted to have an affair with another woman. That would cause him to lose everything he had.


90-take it into your head to do something (kafasına koymak)

to fix your mind  at doing something, often something that seems strange and stupid.

 Hakan has taken it into his head to sell all things he has and grow organic vegetables instead.


91- touched (in the head)

- to be crazy

My neighbor is touched in the head. He is really crazy.


92-talk out of the back of your head (British & Australian, informal)

If you are talking out of the back of your head, you are talking about something that makes no sense.

Ezgi was talking out of the back of her head. She was talking about her darling when everybody was depressed with  how to pass the exam.


93-turn heads

if something or someone turns heads, people notice them because they look interesting or attractive


When the woman came into the room, all men turned their heads.

94-turn something on its head

1.to use something in a completely wrong way.

            The basic problem is that your report turns history on its head


2.to change something completely

             I really hope that doctors and nurses can pull together and turn the system on its head


95-with your head in the clouds

-          have your head in the clouds - to not know what is really happening around you because you give much importance to your own ideas


Ceyda has her head in the clouds. She isn’t aware of the importance of situation.


96-be out of your head (British, American & Australian, informal, British & Australian, informal)

1. to be crazy.!

(informal, British & Australian, informal)

2. to not be in control of your behaviour because of the effects of alcohol or drugs


 He was out of his head and  screamed to evrbody around him. He couldn’t control himself.

97- Acid head  (slang)

A regular user of LSD on whom the hallucinogenic drug has left a noticeable effect.

The reason why he acts so silly is that he is a regular acid head.

98-hit the nail right on the head

 To be completely accurate about an explanation or come to a sensible conclusion.

When I said Eda has a beautiful face, but has the brain of a flea, I hit the nail right on the head.

99- head honcho

The person in charge,the chief, boss, leader.

e.g: Do whatever the head honcho tells if you want to keep your job.

100- Good head

A person who is nice and tender.

She is a good head, she is good to know.

101- A head on someone’s shoulders

If a person has a head on his shoulders, he is very reliable and sensible.

Asime has a head on her shoulders. You can count on her whenever you want.

102-.get your head out of the clouds

To stop daydreaming and concentrating on the essential issue.

I tried to help her get her head out of clouds and prepare for her exams, but it didn’t work.

103-trouble one's head about (someone or something)(kafasını ağrıtmak)

To worry about someone or something.

Don’t trouble your head about that silly man. He doesn’t deserve this.

104-stick/put one's head in a noose

- to say or do something that could damage you or your image

She stuck her head in a noose when she made such a debt for her company.

105-stand on one's head (to do something)

- to struggle to do something

I did everything but stand on my head to help my friend get a job.

106-stand (something) on its head

- to show that a thought or an argument is incorrect and means the opposite of what it first seemed to mean, to change the way that people think about something

We stood the argument on its head with our bright  argument against it.




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