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1) after one`s own heart - well-liked for agreeing with one`s own feelings, interests and ideas, someone who is similar to you

You like the same kind of music that I listen- you’re clearly a man after my own heart.

2) Absence makes the heart grow fonder - something that you say which means being apart from someone that you love makes you love them even more

 I will not see my best friend for a long time. ”Ah well, absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

3) bare your heart/soul - to tell someone your secret thoughts and feelings

I know her for 4 years so I bare my heart to her so conveniently.

4) not be for the faint-hearted- if something is not for the faint-hearted, it is not suitable for people who become frightened easily

This movie is so horrible-it's not for the faint-hearted people.

5) a bleeding heart - someone who shows too much sympathy for everyone

The man is a bleeding heart and he is always asked by other people for money to help others.

6) bless your heart - you are a good person

Thanks for everything that you did for me, bless your heart.

7) break someone's heart- make someone very sad or hopeless

She broke my heart by saying I'm so ugly.

8) by heart -exactly and from memory

 I love him so much that I know his hobbies by heart.

9) change of heart- a change in the way one feels about something

 I was thinking to go to the party but i had a change og heart and decided not to go.

10) chicken-hearted- not brave

 He is so chicken-hearted that he can't say that he loves her.

11) close to your heart- of great importance to you

 This toy is close to my sisters heart that she can't sleep without it.

12) Cross my heart (and hope to die)- something that you say in order to emphasize that something is true

 I want to be with you not with her-cross my heart.

13) cry/sob your heart out- to cry a lot

 Her grandma died   and she has been crying her heart out since she heard it.

14) eat your heart out- you should be sorry for the choices you have made

 You can eat your heart out but I will not give you a piece of this chocolate cake.

15) from the bottom of your heart - with sincere feeling

 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your helps.

16) from the heart - in a sincere manner

 His aim is to make people read tha book from the heart.

17) half-hearted- a half-hearted attempt to do something lacks effort and enthusiasm

 I made a half-hearted attempt to study with him and then gave up by saying I had go somewhere urgently.

18) get to the heart of (a matter)- understand the most important thing about something

 It took a long time but we finally got to the heart of the matter about the homework.

19) hand on heart - put your hand on your heart - if you can put your hand on your heart and say something, you can say it knowing that it is the truth

 Are you telling me, hand on heart, that you have never read anyone's private mail?

20) harden your heart - to make yourself stop feeling kind or friendly towards someone

  You've just got to harden your heart and tell him to leave

21) Have a heart! (humorous) -something that you say in order to ask someone to be kinder to you

 Have a heart! Talk to me nicely.

22) have a heart- to show kindness and sympathy

 She says that she can't teach somebody to have a heart.

23) have a heart of gold- to be extremely kind and helpful

 He tries to help everyone, he's got a heart of gold. 

24) have a heart of stone- to be cruel and have no sympathy for people

 He doesn't even helps his mother when she needs him- he's got a heart of stone.


25) heart goes out to- one feels very sorry for, one feels sympathy for

 My heart goes out to the victims of the hurricane that recently struck.  

26) heart is in the right place- kindhearted, sympathetic or well-meaning

 Even though she makes a lot of mistakes her heart is in the right place.

27)have your heart set on something/doing something- to decide to achieve something

 My heart is set on finishing the university.

28) heart and soul -to do something with a lot of energy and interest

 He loves her heart and soul.

29) someone's heart is in their boots- if someone's heart is in their boots, they feel sad or worried 

 His heart was in his boots while watching the news about a car accident.

30) someone's heart is in their mouth-if someone's heart is in their mouth, they feel extremely nervous

 Students heart was in their mouth while waiting for the exam results.

31) someone's heart isn't in something-if someone's heart is not in something that they are doing, they are not very interested in it 

 She was studying law, but her heart wasn't in it and she gave up after a year.

32) your heart isn't in it- you do not feel something is exciting or interesting enough to do

 I tried to do some writing, but my heart wasn't in it.

33) someone's heart misses/skips a beat- if someone's heart misses a beat, they suddenly feel so excited or frightened that their heart beats faster

 When a dog started to run, her heart skipped a beat.

34) your heart out- to an extreme degree

 I cried my heart out because people made fun of me.

35) the heart rules the head - let your heart rule your head - to do something because you want to rather than for practical reasons

 I can't make her understand how stupid she's being. It's a case of the heart ruling the head.

36) someone's heart sinks- if someone's heart sinks, they start to feel sad or worried

 When he saw his exam result his heart sank, and thought he won't be able to pass his class.

37) your heart sinks-you become discouraged or disappointed

 When I learnt that I am in ODTU my heart sank, because I wanted to go to the Bogazici University.

38) a heart-to-heart -a serious conversation between two people in which they talk honestly about their feelings

 I had a heart to heart talk with my best friend yesterday.

39) the hearts and minds of someone-the complete support of a group of people

 When he said his idea about the project, he got all the hearts and minds of people in group.

40) Home is where the heart is- something that you say which means that your true home is with the person or in the place that you love most

 I have to leave Ankara for my job but my heart is still in here, so even though I go to the another city home is where the heart is.

41) in your heart of hearts- if you know something in your heart of hearts, you are certain of it although you might not want to admit it

 She knew in her heart to heart that something is wrong, but she was not ready to face with it.

42) in your heart of hearts- if your true thoughts and feelings were known

heart of hearts, I don't think he wants to win this election.

43) lose heart -to stop believing that you can succeed

 Don't lose heart you have some other chances to pass the class.

44) lose your heart (to someone/something) -to fall in love

She lost her heart when she saw him at first.

45) man/woman after your own heart -if someone is a man or woman after your own heart, you admire them because they do or believe the same things as you

 He doesn't like watermelon-a man after my own heart.



46) not have the heart (to do something) -to lack the desire or strength to do something. 

 I didn't have the heart to tell him his injury would prevent him from playing football.

47) open your heart-to tell someone your secret thoughts and feelings

 We became best friends when she opened her heart to me.

48) pour your heart out-to tell someone your secret feelings and worries, usually because you feel a strong need to talk about them

 I'd met her only once and here she was, pouring out her heart to me.

49) put your hand on your heart -if you can put your hand on your heart and say something, you can say it knowing that it is the truth

  She couldn't put her hand on her heart and say that she didn't cheat in exam. 

50) sick at heart -very sad

 The thought of her home so far away made her sick at heart.

51) steal someone's heart -to cause someone to love you

 She says that he stole her heart when she was crying and he went near her and asked what's wrong.

52) strike at the heart of something -to damage something severely by attacking the most important part of it

The recent recession has struck at the heart of industrial development

53) take heart -to start to feel more hopeful and more confident

 House owners can take heart from the news that property prices are starting to rise again.

54) take something to heart-to consider something very seriously, if you take criticism or advice to heart, you think about it seriously, often because it upsets you

Don’t take it to heart – he was just joking about your dress.

55) tear your heart out -to make you very sad

The news about the accident tore my heart out.

56) to your heart's content-if you do something enjoyable to your heart's content, you do it as much as you want to

The shopping centre is open all day so you can do shopping to your heart’s content.

57) warm the cockles of your heart-if something you see or hear warms the cockles of your heart, it makes you feel happy because it shows that people can be good and kind

It's an old-fashioned romance that will warm the cockles of your heart.

58) wear your heart on your sleeve-to make your feelings and opinions obvious to other people

She has always worn her heart on her sleeve, so there is no doubt who she’ll be helping.

59) die of a broken heart-to die of emotional distress, to suffer from emotional distress

The man almost died of a broken heart several times when he was a teenager.

60) do (something) in a heartbeat-to do something almost immediately if you have the chance

I would change my department in a heartbeat if I had the chance.

61) find it in one's heart to (do something)- to have the courage or compassion to do something

I could not find it in my heart to say her that she failed from the exam.

62) follow one's heart-to act according to one's feelings

 She followed her heart and went to study in USA.

63) have a soft spot in one's heart (for someone or something)- to be fond of someone or something

 She has a soft spot in her heart for Justin Timberlake.

64) heart is dead set against (something)- to be totally against something

My heart is dead set against to smoking.

65) heartbeat away from (something)- to be the next person to take over someone's position if they die

 The young prince is a heartbeat away from becoming the next king of his country.

66) heavy heart-a feeling of being weighed down with sorrow, a sad feeling

 We left the class with a heavy heart when we heard that our teacher’s father died.

67) search one`s heart/soul-to study one`s reasons and acts, to try to discover if one has been fair and honest about something

 I searched my soul to try to discover why she left without saying a word.

68) tug at (someone's) heartstrings-to make someone feel very sad or feel great sympathy for someone else

Seeing the young girl crying after her dog tugged at my heartstrings.

69) way to (someone's) heart-the best way to please someone or make them like you

 She thinks the way to her husband’s heart was through his stomach as he always liked good food.

70) win (someone's) heart-to do nice things for someone to make him or her love you, something (music/book/art) has the qualities to make you like it

The young man won the girl's heart by his kind and caring attitude toward her.

71) young at heart-to do things that usually younger people enjoy doing (usually used for an older person)

  The older couple were young at heart and they had much fun together.

72) near and dear to my heart-when you give more importance to someone or something than the others

  She is near and dear to my heart because she was near me in my bad days.

73) The heart of something-The centre or most important part of something

  The heart of our project is to show people what can we do for keeping our environment clean.

74) Heart of glass- When someone has a heart of glass, they are easily affected emotionally.

  She has heart of glass, whenever I tease her she gets upset.

75) Heart of steel- When someone has a heart of steel, they do not show emotion or are not affected emotionally.

 Even though her father died she didn’t cry so much, she has heart of steel.

76) Queen of Hearts- A woman who is pre-eminent in her area is a Queen of Hearts.

  Between those ladies the oldest one is the most lovely one- she is queen of hearts.

77) Faint heart never won their lady - This means that you will not get the partner of your dreams if you lack the confidence to let them know how you feel.

  Faint heart never won their lady- so just go and tell her that you love her.

78) Home and heart- 'Home and hearth' is an idiom evoking warmth and security.

79) Hale and hearty- Someone who is hale and hearty is in very good health.

  Doctor said that she doesn’t have to be afraid she in hale and hearty.

80) Aching heart - a feeling of sadness that one has when love has been lost or has faded

  The old lady spent the weekend alone with her aching heart.

81) What the eye sees not, the heart craves not

81) to be cold-hearted - lacking in sympathy

  She had so many problems in her life at last she became cold-hearted.

82) find it in your heart to to sth- to be willing and able to do something unpleasant or difficult

  Could you find it in your heart to forgive her?

83) Make your heart flutter- If someone makes your heart flutter, you find them very physically attractive and you feel excited when you see or talk to them

  She has been making hearts flutter ever since she came to class.
















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