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Page history last edited by sule demircan 13 years, 7 months ago

1- eat like horse= to eat quikly and a lot because you are very hungry

last night at the party he ate like a horse.

 kıtlıktan çıkmış gibi yemek 

2- flog a dead horse= to waste time trying to change or improve something when it is impossible

he is flogging a dead horse akthough he knows that she will never say "yes"

  havanda su dövmek

3- dark horse= 1-) a candidate that is unknown to the public.

                        2-) a person who doesn't tell other people about their ideas or skills and who surprises people by doing something that they do not expect.

Before he became famous he was a dark horse.

When I learned he won a medal, I was very surprised. He is a dark horse.


4- bet on the wrong horse= to make wrong predictions about future.

You will soon understand that you are betting on the wrong horse.


5- get on/ be/ climb your high horse= when someone is on their high horse, they are being inflexible, arrogant and will not make any compromises.

She is getting on her high horse these days, don't say anything about him. 

 heyheyleri üstünde olmak 

6- straight from the horse's mouth= if you hear straight from the horse's mouth, you hear from the person that is involved in it.

This is the truth, trust me. I learned it staright from the horse's mouth.


7- hold your horses= to be patient.

Oh calm down please. Hold your horses and wait.

 kendini dizginlemek 

8- hold your horses!= something that you say in order to tell somebody stop doing or saying something because they are going too fast.

Just hold your horses and think again, please.


9- back the wrong horse= to support a person or a thing that fails.

It was only after we had spent the money that we understood that we had been backing the wrong horse.

 kılavuzu karga olanın..:) 

10- beat a dead horse= to waste time doing something that has already been attempted.

Do you think I will lose weight or am I just beating the dead horse?

havanda su dövmek


11- put the cart before the horse= to do things in the wrong order.

You should have dyed your hair after you have it cut, but you put the cart before the horse by making it vice versa.


12- a charley horse= a sudden, painful tightening of a muscle in your arm or leg.

She had a charley horse, so they had a break and then went on walking.

  yel girmesi 

13- closing/ shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted= trying to prevent something when it is too late.

Trying to get back the money you lost in the gamble is just like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

   iş işten geçmek 

15- don't spare the horses= something that you say to someone in order to tell tehm to hurry.

Come and tidy your room and don't spare the horses.

    oyalanmadan yapmak

16- drive a coach and horses through something= if someone drives a coach and horses through a rule, an opinion, a tradition or a plan, they destroy it by doing something against it which is too weak to prevent.

The school administry drives a coach and horses through the riot.


17- horse around= to be active in a silly way.

Stop horsing around and listen to me carefully!

dalga geçmek


18- a horse of another/ a different color= a stiuation or a subject that is diffrent from what you had first thought it was.

You said you didn't like hamburgers but in  fact your mother didn't let you buy them. This is a horse of another color.


19- horse sense= ordinary wisdom, ordinary practical knowledge of the best way to deal with people and situations.

I thought you had enough horse sense not to make that mistake.

 aklı başında olmak   

20- horses for courses= that means it is important to choose suitable people for particular activities because everyone has different skills.

Horses for courses my dear. You can't make a plumber mend your car.


21- eat a horse= something that you say when you are very hungry.

I have eaten nothing all day. I could eat a horse.

  karnının zil çalması

22- not look a gift horse in the mouth= this means you shouldn't criticise or feel doubt about something good.

Yes, maybe its money is not good but its working hours are suitable. I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth if I were you.

   buldun bunuyosun

23- a one-horse race= a competition which one particular person or team is very likely to win because they seem much better than the other people competing.

It was a one-horse race, We knew that Galatasaray would won the match from the beginning. 


24- a one-horse town= a small town where very little happens.

Sarıkaya is a one-horse town.


25- a stalking horse= something that is used to hide someone's real purpose.

All those beautiful words were a stalking horse to hide his real feelings towards me.


26- a Trojan horse= someone or something that attacks the group or organization it belongs to.

She was known as a Trojen horse among the employees after telling the secret to the rival company.


27- wild horses couldn't drag you away= if you say that wild horses couldn't drag you do something, it means nothing could persuade you to do it.

Wild horses couldn't drag me go to their house tomorrow.

  hiç bir kuvvet bunu yapmaktan alıkoyamaz 

28- you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it= it means, you can give someone the opportunity but can't force them to do it if they don't want to.

Bought tickets and clothes, took her to the party but she just wouldn't get into. well, you can lead a horse but can't make him drink.


29- to work like a horse= to work a lot.

He is working like horse these days so that he will be able to pass the exam.

 çok sıkı çalışmak


30- to change/swap/switch horses in the mid stream= change direction on a project, change leaders or ideas.

Let's not change the horses in the mid stream, these ideas are suitable.


31- to be healthy as a horse= to be very healthy

Don't believe him he is just pretending. In fact, he is as strong as a horse.


32- to get one's hobby horse= to start talking about something that one likes to discuss.

Please don't get his hobby horse, you know he could talk about it for forty days!


34- a nod is as good as a wink to the blind horse= a hint or suggestion can be understood without being explicitly stated.

You don't need to tell me with details. A hint is as good as a wink to the blind horse.


35- a war horse= a person or thing that has seen long service or has lived through many hardships and can be relied on.

He is really a war horse. He has spent 30 years in that job.


36- a horse's ass= a stupid or obnoxious person.

I don't want to be friends with a horse's ass.


37- as strong as a horse= to be very strong

Have you heard that he is able to pull a lorry with his teeth! He must be as strong as a horse.


38- horse play= rough, noisy play

Don't play that horse-play. The baby is sleeping and you will make him wake.


39- hoof it= to walk or run ( a hoof is the foot of a horse)

When I came odtu, I just hoofed it.


40- horse trade= to bargain in a hard and skillful way.

My friend did some horse trade and bought this bag for little money.

  sıkı pazarlık etmek 

41- put someone or something out to pasture= to retire someone or something ( just as you would put a horse that is too old to work out to pasture)

these armchairs are too old. ı think it is time to put them out to pasture.


42- champ/chomp at the bit= to be ready and anxious to do something ( a bit is put into a horse's mouth for control of the horse)

she was champing at the bit to get started the competition.


43- by shank's mare= by foot

we can only get there by shank's mare.


44- under the wire ( horse racing) = 1- wire refers to the finish line.

                                                       2- just barely in time, on time.

our horse finished the race under the wire.

I handed over my sheet under the wire.


45- neck and neck ( horse racing) = 1- the horses are running together.

                                                       2- to be an even race.

It was a neck and neck race, Nobody could guess who would be the winner.

aynı düzeyde olmak, başa baş yarış


46- win by a nose= 1-at the finish, to win by the lenght of a nose.

                              2-to finish just a little better than the next person or the business.

The winner won the race by a nose.

He won the job by a nose.

  kıl payıyla 

47- hay is for horses= this idiom is used as a way of telling children not to say the word "hey" as in "hey you" or "hey there"

I don't want to hear you saying "hey" to me, dear. Hay is for horses.


49- horse and buggy/ horse and carriage= means clinging to outworn attitudes or ideas, hopelessly outmoded, old-fashioned, non-modern, obsolete.

She was wearing a long dress and an absurd hat as if she was from horse and buggy.


50- only fools and horses work= if you are smart you will find a way of making a living without resorting to hard graft. only simpletons and dumb beasts would actually work for a living.

You don't need to be anxious about your future. I am sure you'll find a job without much trouble. Don't forget only fools and horses work.


51- horse- to- horse= in a direct comparison or competition.

Horse- to- horse Ben, we can muscle that mob out of the grift.


52- if wishes were horses beggars would ride= this means that wishing for something or wanting it is not the same as getting or having it.

You want to go to a good university but you are just sitting in front of the tv all day. If wishes were horses beggars would ride.


53- horse hockey= it is used for disapproval.

Horse hockey Barney, you can't be that rude.


54- horse laugh= a loud, boisterous laugh.

I was disgusted by his horse laugh.


55- sounding horse= scratchy voice

She was like a sounding horse because of the extend consumption of cigarette.


56- to ride the high horse= to act pretentiously.

Don' ride the high horse and get rid off those clothes.


57- every horse thinks its own pack is the heaviest= it means that all people imagine that they have a greater load to carry than anybody else; that nobody works harder than they do.

I understand your being so pessimistic about the life, because every horse thinks its own pack is the heaviest.


58- if two ride on a horse one must ride behind= when two people do something together, one of them will be the leader and the other will be the subordinate.

why are you so sad about losing the match? If two ride on a horse, one must ride behind. 

59- to horse!= mount your horse! ride!

All the soldiers to horse!


60-come/get off your high horse= to stop talking as if you were better or more clever than other people.

It is time you get off your high horse and apologize.


61- see a man about a horse= to urinate (in men)

She said she saw a man about a horse.


62- short horse soon curried= a convenient and superficial explanation that is normally unconvincing is a short horse soon curried. a slight task is soon completed.

Just a minute, there the short horse soon curried.


63- to talk the hind leg off a horse= refers to a persuasive talker , one can persuade even a horse to sit on its hunkers, a very unnatural posture.

He won the election by a big proportion. He talks the hind leg off a horse.


64- go and tell that to the horse marines= something that you say in order to tell someone that you don't believe what tehy have just said.

I don't want to hear more of your lies! Go and tell them to the horse marines!

  sen onları külahıma anlat 

65- to talk horse= to talk big or boastfully/ to talk the language of "turf"

I was able to understand that he was the boss for he talked horse.


66- to work for a dead horse= to do work which has been paid for in advance and so brings no further profit.

I am working for a dead horse in this course because I had a deal with the administry and had my money at the beginning.


67- as holy as a horse= to be important, sacred like a horse.( in the past horse was very important animal)

This stone is as holy as a horse.


68- as sick as a horse= very sick, usually with a flu, cold or a stomach problem.

Last week I was as sick as a horse because of my stomach ache.


69- to come for horse and harness= for one's own ends.

He came here for horse and harness.


70- to run before one's horse to market= to count one's gains prematurely.

you can't know my profit from this job this very moment. You are running before my horse to market.


71- horse face= it is usually an ugly face ( often a woman)

She had an horse face, I didn't want to look at her again.


72- horse  joke= a bad, not very funny, insolent, vulgar joke.

Don't make horse jokes please, I don't want my hair gummy because of egg!

  eşek şakası

73- horse language= a crude, harsh speaking

The cowboy, in the film, was speaking a horse language.


74- horse mouth= a big, ugly mouth.

She opened her horse mouth.


75- horse smile= a disgusting smile.

He broke into a horse smile. 


76- clothes horse= if you describe someone , especially a woman, as a clothes horse, you mean that they are fashionable and think a lot about their clothes, but have little intelligence or other abilities; used showing disapprovel.

She is really a clothes horse, she even doesn't know the who the president is.


77- horse leech= a rapacious, insatiable person.

You are a horse leech sent from the hell.

 aç gözlü 









The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

Big Oxford Dictionary





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