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Page history last edited by Şakir AŞÇI 13 years, 6 months ago



1. be cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey (British, very informal!)

extremely cold weather

We were in Moscow, and it was cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

dondurucu soğuk


2. be more fun than a barrel of monkeys (American, American)

to be very funny or enjoyable.

Their show was one of the funniest I've ever seen - more fun than a barrel of monkeys!



3. brass monkey weather (British, very informal)

freezing weather.

It's brass monkey weather today, isn't it!

aşırı soğuk hava


4. not give a monkey's (British & Australian, informal)

if you do not give a monkey's about something, you do not care about it at all.

She couldn't give a monkey's if everyone's talking about her.

sallamamak, umrunda olmamak


5. I'll be a monkey's uncle! (old-fashioned)

something that you say when you are very surprised.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. I never thought Bill would remarry.

gözleri faltaşı gibi açılmak


6. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Something that you say which means that only stupid people will work for you if you do not pay very much.

'This company is full of incompetents!' 'Well, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.'

Ne kadar ekmek, o kadar köfte!


7. make a monkey (out) of someone (old-fashioned)

to make someone seem stupid.

That's enough of your silly tricks. Nobody makes a monkey out of me!

küçük düşürmek


8. monkey business (slightly informal)

silly behaviour or dishonest behaviour.

So what kind of monkey business have you kids been up to while I was out?

Ben dışardayken ne haltlar çevirdiniz? [ Bi haltlar çevirmek ]


9. a monkey on someone's back (American & Australian)

a serious problem that will not go away.

The divorce proceedings are a monkey on her back.

sırtında yük olmak


10. monkey (around) with something

to adjust something

It seems like any time they monkey with taxes, wealthy people benefit the most.

Usage notes: usually said about an effort to fix or improve something, especially an effort that does not succeed.

ayar çekmek


11. throw a monkey wrench into something

to cause something to fail.

We keep trying to get together, but her crazy schedule keeps throwing a monkey wrench into our plans.

bir çuval inciri berbat etmek


[ 1- 11 ]



12. grease monkey

n. a mechanic, esp. one who works on automobiles or airplanes.

1928 Gravatt "Pioneers" 251: All the way down the line.from skilled draftsmen in a polished office to the 'grease monkeysf' with blackened aces and smeary over-alls."

From the "Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume 1, A-G" by J.E. Lighter, Random House, New York, 1994. Page 959.

araba tamircisi, usta


13. monkey food

Cocaine. Refers to the experiment where Monkeys were given a choice between actual food or cocaine. Turns out the Monkeys always chose the cocaine. In another experiment, Monkeys could push a button and receive cocaine. The monkeys would repeatedly push the button for more cocaine "Monkey Food".

Gimme more monkey food! Are you monkeying around tonight? Where is Monkey Boy? Got Monkey Food?

mal, uyuşturucu



14. Softly, Softly Catchee Monkey.

Innovative approaches to measure socially sensitive and complex issues in evaluation research.

üzerine titremek, çok titiz davranmak, duyarlı yaklaşmak



15. Hundredth Monkey Effect

The “Hundredth Monkey Effect” is a supposed phenomenon in which a learned behaviour spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached.

Let's further suppose that later that evening the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes...

Yolun başında bir yalan söyledim, sonunda ben de inandım.



16. to monkey

(informal) To meddle; to mess with; to interfere; to fiddle.

Please don't monkey with the controls if you don't know what you're doing.




17. monkey bars

1.(collective plural) A jungle gym

2. (collective plural) A row of bars, found on playgrounds, under which one hangs by the arms and crosses by swinging between bars, legs dangling down, like how a monkey might move across.

çocuk parklarında buluan oyun amaçlı hazırlanmış demirden yapılmış nesne.



18. monkey boy

(pejorative, corporate) Office term directed at a co-worker who serves at the caprice of a higher-ranking employee.

I do everything around here. I'm sick of being Henderson's monkeyboy.

ordan oraya koşturan, ayak işlerine bakan kimse.



19. monkey humping a football

1. (vulgar) Energetic but useless action, or a person engaged in such action.

The whole exercise was a monkey humping a football.

2. (vulgar) A manner of riding a horse, motorcycle or other vehicle, in which the rider crouches forward and may bounce in the saddle.

This poseur was riding like a monkey humping a football, but I blew past him.

boşa kürek çekmek, gereksiz uğraşı



20. Monkey see, monkey do.

This idiom means that children will learn their behaviour by copying what they see happening around them.

Üzüm üzüme baka baka kararır.



21. go ape (over someone or something)

to become highly excited or angry about someone or something

Our teacher will go ape if he sees that you have not finished the work that was due today.

kafayı yemek



22. fool around / monkey around

1. Also, monkey around. Engage in idle or casual activity, putter.

Jim loved to fool around with his computer, or She was monkeying around with some figures in hopes of balancing the budget. [Second half of 1800s]

2. Engage in frivolous activity, waste time.

Instead of studying, he spends all his spare time fooling around. Also see fool away.

3. Engage in flirting or casual sexual acts; also, engage in adultery.

He caught the two teenagers fooling around in the basement. [1830s]

bir iş çevirmek, mercimeği fırına vermek



23. monkey script

(computing): A written procedure; a script written for a code monkey to follow (as opposed to a script written for a computer to follow, such as a shell script.)

(kodlamada) yazılı bileşen



24. monkeyshine

A trick or prank like a monkey's; mischief; buffoonery; tomfoolery; monkeyism; shenanigans. 

I have seen about as many monkeyshines from you as I will tolerate.

eşek şakası



25. powder monkey

1. (informal) an explosives expert. A person who sets explosives.

2. (nautical) the persons employed to carry gun powder from the ship's magazine to the gun deck during a battle; in the 18th century Royal British and U. S. Navies, this task (also carrying water) during battles became a permanent nickname for the ship's cabin boys and apprentice seamen.

patlayıcı uzmanı



26. monkey chant

Racial slurs towards people of African descent. First came across this term in a football article depicting Benfica fans as racists.

Benfica have denied allegations that the club's fans directed racist abuse and monkey chants at four Manchester United players during their 1-0 Champions League loss last week in Lisbon.

ayrımcılık, hakaret



27. Cutting the monkey

- In reading Zora Neale Hurston's _Their Eyes Were Watching God_ I've come upon the phrase "cutting the monkey" several times (or variations of it). Anyone know its origin or meaning?

- I heard an African American comic talk about being criticized by members of his race for "cutting monkey shines" in front of white people. Meaning, as I understood it, acting all jolly in a manner that would please the white folks. Acting a fool. Pandering, I guess you could call it.

ayrımcılık yapmak, beyazları üstün görmek



28. Monkey on my shoulder

There is an expression used in the UK police that an unwanted responsibility is a 'monkey on the shoulder' which you can try to get rid of.

omzunda yük olmak



29. Monkey touch the monolith moment.

It means a watershed, or important, event.

Her şey su üstüne çıktı. / Pandora'nın kutusu açıldı.



30. Never monkey with another monkey's monkey.

Never (fool around, have sex, make a pass, flirt, kiss..etc.) with another man's woman.

(Or with another women's man.)

It's an adult nursery rhyme--so to speak. I don't know the origin but the play on words is clear. "Monkey" is used as a verb and noun.

Açtırma kutuyu, söyletme kötüyü.



31. monkey flowers

slang term for marijuana.Usually smoked in a blunt or pipe.

I just saw that guy smoking monkey flowers.

mal, uyuşturucu



32. Monkey Ice

The ice formed on or in an open freezer from humidity in the air. Commonly seen on open-top supermarket chest freezers.

Woah, that's some serious Monkey Ice in the freezer!

buzdolabındaki yiyeceğin üstünün karlanması, buz tutması



33. No Chunky Monkey

Some companies try to let their values guide their operations, and make products that are designed to enhance health and well-being. No Chunky Monkey, thanks.: What does "No Chunky Monkey" mean here?

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is an American institution, with flambouyant promotions, a '60s-style Peace & Love mission, and some sinfully-rich flavors, all colorfully named. Peace Pops, Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey. Just putting a spoon into Chunky Monkey adds to your waistline.

Amerikan bir dondurma markasının ürünü



34. A monkey and a pony

A 'pony' is £25 - possibly deriving from the fact that it is a relatively small sum and a Pony is a relatively small horse. 'Monkey' is £500/$500 - origin unknown.

500 dolar/avro



35. Go get a monkey

Definition isn't clear, but maybe go get a monkey so you can be entertained by its antics. So, it means try finding something to be busy.

Git de kendini eğlendirecek bir şeyler bul!



36.  monkey doorknob

An exclamation used to express one's joy of the moment. Often used when no other word describes the moment.

'What's up everybody, MONKEY DOORKNOB'!

kelimelerin kifayetsiz kaldığı an



37. Never hold discussions with the monkey...

A couple of interpretations -- don't talk to a clerk (an underling with no power to address the issue at hand) when you can talk to the manager/store owner. Go to the top. OR it could mean you won't get information out of a worker when the boss is in the room.

İşi ehlinden öğren.



38. Monkey knows no ginger.

A monkey won't be able to appreciate the significance of ginger. In a broad sense, it is used when someone can't appreciate something.

Eşek hoşaftan ne anlar.



39. Three Wise Monkeys

See No Evil, Speak No Evil, and Hear No Evil..Said of people who don't want to be involved. The origin of the proverb is unknown. The proverb is often represented by three monkeys covering their eyes, ears, and mouth respectively with their hands. Also, there are some rumours that also there's fourth monkey. Fourth one is speak no evil.

Üç maymun: duymadım, görmedim, bilmiyorum.



40. beermonkey

Funny way of saying alcoholic.

Hey dude! You are a beermonkey tonight.

kafası güzel



41. monkey dish

In cafeterias and dining halls: a small bowl for serving side dishes such as vegetables or fruit.

"Yo, Dave! Get some more monkey dishes for the peas. We're almost out of 'em!"

meze tabağı




42. like butter on a bald monkey

very smooth

Things doesn't go all the time like butter on a bald monkey.




43. monkey hustle

Depreciate the value of an item in order to make a quick buck

I monkey hustled my X Box 360 for fitty bones!

ucuza satmak




44. monkey hero

The most completely awesome player of any game ever.

I wish I could be a fraction of what Monkey Hero is.

işin ehli, en vasıflı kişi



45. monkey's chuff

As opposed to another four letter word.

"I couldnt give a monkey's chuff!"

kafaya takmamak



46. monkey deuce

A term used to describe a messy situation.

That meeting was the biggest monkey deuce I've ever seen.

içinden çıkması güç durum, Arap saçı



47. cheese-eating surrender monkeys

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys," sometimes shortened to "surrender monkeys," is a phrase referring to the French that gained notoriety in the United States, particularly in the run-up to the Iraq War.



48. ape-shit-crazy

Completely insane.

What Kim had done was totally ape-shit crazy.

çılgınlık, deli saçması



49. Ape shall never kill ape.

A race, species, or other group feels morally free to torture, maim, psychologically brutalize, capture, destroy, genocide, and generally toy with the lives of "lesser" species while still feeling morally superior by virtue of the fact that they would never do such horrible things to their own kind. Particularly, they would never kill anyone of their own kind, and look down on other races, who prove their barbarity through killing each other.

İt iti ısırmaz.



50. code monkey

1. A person only capable of grinding out code, but unable to perform the higher-primate tasks of software architecture, analysis, and design. Mildly insulting. Often applied to the most junior people on a programming team.

2. Anyone who writes code for a living; a programmer.

3. A self-deprecating way of denying responsibility for a management decision, or of complaining about having to live with such decisions.

Don't ask me why we need to write a compiler in COBOL, I'm just a code monkey.”

acemi, çaylak, işini tüm yönleriyle bilmeyen



51. monkey up

To hack together hardware for a particular task, especially a one-shot job. Connotes an extremely crufty and consciously temporary solution.

I had a crazy friend who was capable of monkeying up some sites.

sistemi kırmak, yama yapmak, güvenliği aşmak



52. cheeky monkey

If you call someone a cheeky monkey, it usually means they are being a bit too forward, bordering on obnoxious.

I take the last beer from the fridge and pretend like I'm going to drink it, my hubby would call me a cheeky monkey then take it away from me.

utanmaz, densizliğinden vazgeçmeyen, haddini aşan



53. monkey baby

(slang) an ugly woman.

Look at this monkey baby!

çok çirkin kadın, meymenetsiz



54. monkey apples

feces that is expelled from your anus in a very fast and hard way, it usually happens when you delay your shit.

Ooohhhh those were some ruthless monkey apples man!



55. monkey ballin

The act of hanging around and bullshitting. Often used synonimously with the term stagalate.

aylak aylak dolanmak



56. ape hangers

A modification to the height of the handlebars on chopper-style motorcycles, raising the grips so far up above the seated rider that they appear to be "hanging" as they hold onto them; this causes the appearance of riders seeming similar to primates as they ride.

"My goodness, when Squid and Blade put those ape hangers on their bikes, they looked like two crazed gorillas."



57. monkey animo

a stinky big black boy who is, however, very cute, sweet, and loyal

The little boy in Monster's ball who, really, isn't that little monkey animo?

sevimli, sadık



58. monkey ballsacks

an exclamation for any extreme emotion.

Monkey ballsacks! I just shot a man!




59. ape dude

Someone who achieves difficult tasks by copying the behaviour of people who have been successful at the task.

Person 1: How did this guy manage to get all that work done? He doesn't have any experience.

Person 2: Well he is an ape dude, man!

kopyacı, kendi yeteneği olmayıp diğer insanların sırtından geçinen



 60. monkey bar

(verb) to hold on to one relationship until another is firmly in hand.

Whiny Guy: Lisa cheated on me with James! And now they're going out!

Friend: Wasn't she going out with Adam when you started hooking up with her?

Whiny Guy: Well yeah, but they were on the rocks anyway.

Friend: She always monkey bars her way through boyfriends. You should have seen this coming a mile away, loser.

istemem yan cebime koy, bir ilişki içindeyken başkasını da idare etmeye çalışmak



61. monkey basket

A home for crazy people.

" I just heard that Donny was being taken to the monkey basket for stealing a pineapple."

tımarhane, akıl hastanesi



62. monkey bath

1. A bath so hot, that when lowering yourself in, you go: "Oo! Oo! Oo! Aa!Aa!Aa!".

Nick in bathroom: "Oo! Oo! Oo! Aa!Aa!Aa!"

Sammy: Haha sounds like Nick is having a monkey bath!

aşırı sıcak suyla duş almak

 2. A "bath" that cleans only the body parts that smell. monkey baths typically do not involve total immersion in bath water, but rather require only the use of a washcloth and water.

Ah man I don't have enough time for a shower...I'd better just take a monkey bath.

uzaktan suyu göstermek, temizliğe önem vermeksizin banyo yapmak



63. monkey beam

1. An intense bright focused beam of light enclosed in a spotlight housing attached to the left front post of a police cruiser.

- Burger, did you see that cop monkey beam that group of French Canadian's behind the dumpster by the liquor store?

- They were smoking crack and got caught.

- Those French Canadians never learn.

polis araçlarında bulunan yanıp sönen ışık



64. monkey beat

To team up on a single person with about two others, who most likey curled up on the ground but can be standing, and to slap then over and over. Usually used for everyone's amusement.

Jesse, Curtis and I all monkey beat Anthony.

altta kalanın canı çıksın



65. monkey aggro

Background: From CoH, Fire Imps. They look like little burning monkies and they have a mind all their own.

Being dragged into a bad situation by forces out of your control.

You stop killing baddies to manage your enhancements, and while you aren't looking the fire imps have aggro'd a level 50 Archvillan and he sends you to the hospital with one shot.

bataklığa saplanmak, kötü bir durumun içine sürüklenmek



66. ape arms

Arms that are disproportionately long for one's body often causing the knuckles to skim the ground like an ape.

Not even the Big and Tall store carries sizes that will accomodate his ape arms.

koca elli



67. get the monkey off your back

If you get the monkey off your back, you pass on a problem to someone else.

I was too relieved when I got the monkey off my back to him.

üstündeki yükü başkasına atmak, başından atmak, kurtulmak




68. Speak to the organ grinder not the monkey!

Talk to the boss not the subordinate.

Eğer derdini duyurmak istiyorsan, yetkili kişilere müracaat et.


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