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Idioms About Rat

1_ look like a drowned rat

Meaning=to be very wet, especially because you have been in heavy rain.

Turkish Meaning= Sırılsıklam ıslanmak

Sentence= When it rained all of a sudden; we looked like a drowned rat by the time we reached our homes.

2_ a pack rat (American)

Meaning=someone who collects things that they do not need.

Turkish Meaning=İhtiyacı olmayan şeyleri toplayıp saklayan kimse

Sentence= Upon seeing all the unnecessary things in his home, I started to believe that he is a pack rat.

3_ a rat fink (American, informal)

Meaning=an extremely unpleasant person, or someone who has given secret information about you to the police

Turkish Meaning= İspiyoncu

Sentence= No one but a rat fink can reveal our secret to the teacher.

4_ a rat race

Meaning=an unpleasant way in which people compete against each other at work in order to succeed.

Turkish Meaning= Deli gibi bir yarış içinde olmak ; ölesiye mücadele etmek

                               İnsanların birbirleriyle yarış içinde oldukları mücadele ortamı

Sentence= Sometimes teachers intentially create an rat race in order to get better results.

5_ rat-arsed (British, very informal, American, very informal)

Meaning=very drunk.

Turkish Meaning= Zil zurna sarhoş

Sentence= People can say nonsense and unwanted things when they are rat-arsed

6_ smell a rat

Meaning=to start to believe that something is wrong about a situation, especially that someone is being dishonest

Turkish Meaning= İşin içinde bir bit yeniği olduğunu sezmek, burnuna kötü kokular gelmek

Sentence= When her husband started to come late to home and told lies about this, she started to smell a rat.

7_ rat on (someone)

Meaning= to report someone's bad behavior to someone

Turkish Meaning= Oyunbozanlık etmek, gammazlamak

Sentence= The manager wouldn’t have been aware of the situation had the worker not rated on him.

8_ rat out on (someone)

Meaning=to desert or betray someone

Turkish Meaning= Yüzüstü bırakmak

Sentence= Two years ago they promised each other to marry but the boy didnt commit his promise and ratted out on the girl.

9_ Like a rat deserting a sinking ship

Meaning= If people leave a company because they know that it's about to have serious problems, or turn their back on a person about to be in a similar situation, they are said to be like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Turkish Meaning= Bile bile bir işe kalkışmak, sonucunu bile bile ateşle oynamak

Sentence= It was obvious beforehand that it was gonna be a great disaster for him to participate in the elections; he was like a rat deserting sinking ship.

 10_ hunt with cats and you catch only rats

Meaning= you should choose you allies wisely; not to make things in order properly and can not succeed anything.

Turkish Meaning= Bir baltaya sap olamamak,  denizde yüzüp ıslanmamak

Sentence= Indeed she had great chances to succeed ; although she hunted with cats, she catched only rats.

11_ dirty rat

Meaning=immoral person, liar

Turkish Meaning= ahlaksız, sahtekar, işe yaramaz insan

Sentence=  When I saw they for the first time, I knew that they were dirty rats.

12_ rat bum

Meaning=  a sneaky snitch with no redeeming qualities

Turkish Meaning= Ahlak vasfı olmayan sinsi ispiyoncu

Sentence= A rat bum is like a junkie thief that will not gain anything to help themselves in the future

13_ Rat cow

Meaning= a person with a husky physique that resembles that of a cow and has facial charachteristics similar to those of cheese

Turkish Meaning= Fiziki yapısı itibariyle ineğe benzeyen ve yüz ifadesi peyniri anımsatan kimse

Sentence= Frenchie will be the greatest rat cow to walk the planet.

14_ rat arse

Meaning= getting pissed

Turkish Meaning= Bitmek, mahvolmak

Sentence= When he realised that the money was stolen, he said that he ratted on arse.

15_ Rat bag of f***

Meaning= a greeting to any one really

Turkish Meaning= İçten bir tebrik

Sentence= Hey whats up you rat bag of f***

16_Rat milk

Meaning= Not milk at low resolution.

Turkish Meaning= Besin değeri ve kıvamı yoğun olmayan süt

Sentence=  I would prefer rat milk to eating the cake he did!!

17_ rat phink

Meaning= Someone who has nothing better to do but tell on people.

Turkish Sentence= İşi gücü ona buna laf yetiştirmek olan insan

Sentence= I cant believe what a rat phink our neighbour is!!

18_ rat monkey

Meaning=A misbehaving house cat

Turkish Meaning= Kötü davranışlı ev kedisi

Sentence= I started to hate cats after I used to cope with this rat monkey!

19_ Cunning as a dunny rat

Meaning= To be clever and awaken, not pure

Turkish Meaning= Cin gibi, uyanık, şeytana pabucu ters giydiren

Sentence= Bucks Bunny is as cunning as a dunny rat

20_Root Rat          

Meaning= Someone who is in pursuit of disgusting behaviors

Turkish Meaning= Kötü emelleri olan, sapık insan

Sentence= In Yeşilçam, Nuri Alço is a man who is known to be a root rat

21_Love Rat

Meaning= A man who deceives his wife or girlfriend

Turkish Meaning= Aldatan erkek

Sentence= Recently we see lots of love rats and this causes many divorses around the world.


Meaning=person who is extremely disgusting

Turkish Meaning= Aşırı derecede iğrenç insan

Sentence= When she realised that he was just a rat bastard and nothing more than that, she started to dislike him.

23_ rats with furry tails

Meaning= Squirrels

Turkish Meaning= Sincap

Sentence= Teacher used the idiom ‘rats with furry tails’ to make it easier for children to understand.

24_ rats with wings

Meaning= Pigeons. From being considered vermin, like rats.

Turkish Meaning= Güvercin

Sentence=  The little child said ths pigeon ‘ rat with wings’ which made his mother laugh a lot.


25_ Hood rat

Meaning= Low class unkempt woman

Turkish Meaning= Üstü başı dağınık kadın

Sentence= The hood rat begged for Money in the streets instead of trying to find a job.

26_ Like a rat up a drain pipe:

Meaning=Very quickly; not waiting for people to have second thoughts about you.

Turkish Meaning= Karşındaki insana düşünme şansı vermeden adımda bulunmak

Sentence= He proposed marriage to the woman; indeed he behaved like a rat up a drain pipe.

27_Not give a rat ass

Meaning= Dont care at least

Turkish Meaning= Hiç umrunda olmamak

Sentence= While she was in pain , he didnt give a rat ass

28_Rat baggery

Meaning= nonsense, eccentricity

Turkish Meaning= Abzürt, saçma

Sentence= While he was studying on his Project, some of his friens found his action as a rat baggery

29_ Rat run

Meaning=informal a route on minor roads used by traffic to avoid congestion at peak


Turkish Meaning= Patika, kestirme yol

Sentence= In Metu, you can see lots of students use rat run.

30_Rug rat

Meaning= Small Child

Turkish Meaning= Çocuk, velet

Sentence= In the streets, when his car was stopped by sellers; the man shouted in anger ‘get out ypu rug rats!!’

31_ mall rats

Meaning= Youth who spend most of their time hanging out in malls doing nothing in general

Turkish Meaning= Sabah akşam gezip tozan, alışveriş merkezlerinden çıkmayan insanlar

Sentence= Today I felt as if I was a mall rat after spending my whole day in Ankamall and buying all the unnecessary things.

32_ rat's nest

Meaning= as in "You hair looks like rat's nest!", in other terms, a big mess. Usually applied to hair which has been ratted.

Turkish Meaning= Dağınık saç için kullanılır; çepiş gibi olmak

Sentence= When I fight with my brother, my hair looks like a rat’s nest

33_ rat hole

Meaning= description of a place of residence declaring it to resemble the digs of a rat, complete with piles of belongings which threaten to topple over and smother the occupant.

Turkish Meaning=  Sıçan deliğine benzeyeni, dağınık, sağlığa zararlı bir mekan

Sentence= I cant understand why people go there; it is no better than a rat hole

34_rat bike

Meaning=A really ugly motorcycle that is ridden often, never cleaned, and maintained at the absolute minimum for it to run.

Turkish Meaning= Gerçekten çok çirkin motor

Sentence= Even if we can call it a rat bike, it is stil very useful.

35_rat bite

Meaning= Parmak atmak

Sentence= I am sure that Sedat Hoca will get angry with me that I wrote ‘rat bite’ and explained its meaning.

36_rat out

Meaning=Ladies parts of pleasure(booty)

Sentence= Would you like a drink ?

                  If so get your "rat out"

37_rat's nugget

Meaning=Something that one does not give for any reason. The act of not giving a reason when someone tells you something. Can be applied to any sentence spoken by an opposite party.

Turkish Meaning= Hiçbir izahatta bulunmamak

Sentence= I don't give one hairless rat's nugget about what you think!

38_Rat back

Meaning= When someone has a fat back and part overlap each other.

Turkish Meaning=  Kilolu olanlar için kullanılır

Sentence=  The rude man told his wife that she had a rat back

39_ rat-skullet

Meaning= A dirty hair cut, or a scumbags paradise. The rat-skullet is a sub-species of the mullet and a cross-breed with a rat tail.

Turkish Meaning= Kötü saç kesimi, çepişe benzemek

Sentence=  Rat skullet hair of Fiona made everyone laugh.




















By Tuğba Begüm Abalı


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