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The Idiom: - Meaning (in English)

Sample Sentence:

Turkish Equivalence:

  • Armed to the teeth:To possess many weapons.

      ---The terrorists were armed to the teeth when they attacked to the land.

      ***Tepeden tırnağa donanımlı.                                                                                                        

  • As scarce as hen's teeth:Extremely rare.

      ---Computers were as scarce as hen's teeth in 1990s.

  • Cut one's eyeteeth on(sth):To be an expert with much experience with sth.

      ***Bir konuda işinin ehli olmak

      ---Michael Phelps cut his eyeteeth  on swimming and he has a lot of medals now.

  • Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth: It is a kind of punishment.If somebody hurts you,you can punish them in the same way.

      ---A lot of people in Turkey want an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth against the leader of terrorists.

      ***Göze göz dişe diş,kısasa kısas.

  • Fight (sb or sth) tooth and nail:To combat against sb or sth with a great energy.

      ***Dişiyle tırnağıyla,var gücüyle mücadele etmek.

      ---Lots of people in Africa fight starvation tooth and nail,and especially children can't stand anymore.

  • Give one's eye teeth(to do sth):To desire to do sth very much.

      ---I would give my eye teeth to be the president of Turkey when I was a child.

      ***Birşey yapmak için herşeyini verebilmek.

  • Gnash one's teeth:To chatter one's teeth.

      ---I used to gnash my teeth while sleeping when I was a child.

      ***Diş gıcırdatmak

  • Grit one's teeth:If you get angry,you grit your teeth.

      ---The chairman gritted his teeth when he learned that most of the members were opposed to his thoughts.

      ***Sinirden dişlerini sıkmak

  • Have a sweet tooth: To be fond of eating sweet foods.

      ---Most of the children have a sweet tooth.They like eating chocolate and candy.

  • Lie through one's teeth:To lie unhesitantly.

      ***Gözünün içine baka baka yalan söylemek.

      ---To win the election,the candidate lay through his teeth.

  • Like pulling teeth:If there is very difficult to do,you say''like pulling teeth''while mentioning about it.

      ---It was like pulling to go there and find the house.

      ***Zorlu iş,çetin ceviz.

  • Long in the tooth:To be old.

      ---The dog was feeling a little long in the tooth and it couln't even stand up.

  • No skin off(someone's)teeth:If you has no interest,concern or trouble to somebody,you say''no skin off your teeth''.  

      ***For example:Benim için hava hoş.

      ---It was no skin off our teeth whether he would stay with us or not.I wish you hadn't say him to go.

  • Pull (sb's)tooth out:To pull sb's tooth.(It is made by dentists.)

      ---I went to the dentist and he said that there is no other choice except pulling my tooth out.

      ***Dişini Çekmek

  • Put some teeth into(sth):To raise the power of sth.

      ---Our teacher's not coming to school set our teeth on edge.

      ***İçine kurt düşürmek

  • Show one's teeth:If you show your teeth,you show your anger intentionally to sb.

      ---The president showed his teeth when he understood that one of the senators wanted to argue with him.

      ***Dişlerini göstermek

  • Sink one's teeth into(sth):1)To have sth real to strugge with2)To bite a kind of food.

      ---After thinking despairingly,I was able to sink my teeth into the trouble and get rid of it.

      ---I sank my teeth into the pie and tool a huge bite.

  • Teething problems:If you have experience a bad thing at the beginning of a project,you have a teething problem.

      ---The new idea will remove many teething problems.

  •  Go over sth with a fine-tooth comb:To look carefully to every part of a thing.

      ---My consultant went over my paper with a fine-tooth comb.

      ^^^^^^^^Also used in the form fine-tooth comb.^^^^^^^^

      ***İnce eleyip sık dokumak.

  • Bit between one's teeth:To start with determination.  

      ---He was a lazy student,But he took the bit between his teeth and now he is one of the most cleverest student in his class.

      ***Dört elle sarılmak

  • To get one's teeth into sth:To pore over sth.

      ---We have an important exam,so we must  get our teeth into.

  • Better than a kick in the teeth:For example;sth happens which isn't very good.However it is better than the other bad things or nothing.

      ---I must confess that the robbery isn't good,but it is better than a kick in the teeth.

      ***Beterin beteri var

  • Fed up to the back teeth:When we are fed up with sth,We are fed up to the back teeth.

      ---Last year,when I was atudying my lessons,I fed up tothe back teeth.

      ***Canından bezdirmek

  • Kick in the teeth:If you learn sth bad or you experience sudden disappointment,It is called''Kick in the teeth''.

      ---His mother's sudden death kick in the teeth

      ***Başından kaynar sular dökülmek,birden dünyası kararmak.

  • Through gritted teeth:To have to accept sth even if your will isn't appropriate for it.

      ---I did the housework through gritted teeth.

      ***Gönülsüzce,istemeye istemeye.

  • Cast sth in a person's teeth:If you angry with somebody and want to make them know,you cast sth in a person's teeth.

      ---We casted sth in her teeth after she shouted at us.

  • Escape by the skin of one's teeth:To escape from a narrow place.

      ---When I understood that he was tryin to make me be desperate,I escaped by the skin or his teeth.

  • In the teeth of:Despite danger.

      ---I will save you in the teeth of death. 

  • Have teeth:If a law etc.has teeth,It means that it has a power to make people obey it.

      ---The new regulation has teeth not to smoke inside areas.

      ***Yetki sahibi olmak.

  • Sharp-toothed/saw-toothed/fine-toothed:Having a sharp part on the edge on sth.

      ---There is a sharp-tooth on it ,but I don't know why.

  • Toothsome:We say this word to describe food which tastes good.

      ---The meal which He cooked for us was toothsome.


  • Cut a tooth:If one of a tooth of a child grows,we say ''cut a tooth'about it.

      ---One of his nephews is cutting a tooth and he will be bad-tempered for a while.

      ***Diş çıkarmak.

  • Wisdom tooth:The last for teeth in our mouth which usually grow later than our other teeth.

      ---I will have to cut one of my wisdom tooth if there won't be another choice.






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